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The 7 Funniest Things Jimmy Kimmel Has Ever Done


When it comes to late night television, Jimmy Kimmel is one of our go-to guys for a good laugh. Here's a roundup of the most hilarious stunts he's orchestrated over the years.

1. Make celebs read mean tweets about themselves

Though some of the put-downs on Kimmel's famous Celebrity Mean Tweets segment can get pretty nasty, you have to admit, it's hilarious when Drake reads aloud a tweet that claims he looks like Voldemort with hair. Hey, at least these celebs brush it off like it's no big deal!

2. Encourage parents to trick their kids

All of the YouTube Challenges Kimmel hosts are a scream, but his annual Halloween candy challenge is hands down the best because what's better than watching the reactions of some sassy kids get tricked by their parents? It's easy to call these seriously distressed kids brats, but come on! How would your 7-year-old self have reacted?

3. Catch people on the street lying (many times) about things that don't exist

There's nothing more embarrassing than being caught in a lie... especially when on national television! In the latest installment of Lie Witness News, where strangers are asked about made up events and people, Kimmel's crew headed to Texas to talk with South by Southwest festival goers. Get ready to laugh because these answers are outrageous... who hasn't heard of the Mary-Kate and Nasty?

4. Talk to kids about the serious stuff

In a stark contrast to the highly distressed kids featured in his Halloween Candy challenges, Kimmel also dedicates some screen time to some adorable kids as he discusses with them things like politics, money and driving... you know, just the usual conversation topics for your average second grader.  

5. Hoax the Internet into believing the 'twerking gone wrong' video was real

Remember that viral clip of the girl whose pants caught fire after she fell from the twerking position onto some candles? We all thought it was real until Kimmel came forward with the truth and the full video in which he swiftly entered the room and put the flames out, whilst wearing yoga pants, mind you. You sure had us all fooled, Kimmel!

6. Ask celebs ridiculous questions

Three Ridiculous Questions is one of the more bizarre things Kimmel does, but it's his celebrity guests' quick-witted answers that make the feature a hit! How else would you find out that Chrissy Teigen would eat a mile of dish towel?!

7. Star in Taken 4

Have you seen Taken 4 yet? If not, get with the times! In the latest installment of the action-packed trilogy, Kimmel plays the curly-haired, uni-browed villain. Spoiler alert: he doesn't live long.

Which of Jimmy Kimmel's hilarious antics is your favorite? Let us know below!

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