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The 10 Most Adorable Pups at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show


The Westminster Kennel Club held its annual dog show this past weekend, and while we loved seeing how well behaved and groomed some of the canines were—let's be honest, we were really tuning in to check out the cutest pups! Here are some of our faves:

1. These French Bulldogs

Unleash us!!!

2. Matisse, the Portuguese Water Dog

Sunny, is that you?!

3. Massimo, the Yorkshire Terrier

I just want to sleep, please let me be.

4. This Chow Chow

Look into my eyes and tell me that we're all winners.

5. This Samoyed

So fluffy, I'm gonna die.

6. Reba, the French Bulldog

I'm being ignored right now. Not impressed.

7. This Curly Coated Retriever

I don't want to be groomed, I want to play!

8. This Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Hold me forever please, thanks.

9. Harleigh, the Great Pyrenees 

We got this mom, we got this.

10. This Shiba Inu

My name is not Doge... seriously?

Which pup had you swooning?

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