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What Celebrating Your Birthday is Like in College


It's your birthday... So you can do what you want, right? Whether it's your first birthday away from home or you're turning the big 2-1, celebrating it in college is particularly special. After all, where else would you be able to spend your big day with all 200 of your closest friends? (Read: Your 10 besties, plus all the other people who just came for the free drinks.)

Midnight strikes, and you immediately check all your social media accounts to see if your friends have (publicly) wished you a happy birthday.

Radio silence from your roomie. You consider never speaking to her again.

But with only 24 hours to use "It's my birthday" as a way to get away with just about anything, you let it go—there's no time to waste.

Unfortunately, your professors don't acknowledge the momentuous ocassion as a valid reason not to be in class...

...so you decide to make up for it by turning it in to a full birthday week instead.

Of course, this means adding a few more events to the schedule than you originally planned.

For the first time, you literally cannot wait to be asked for your ID.

And when it doesn't happen, you wonder if signs of aging are already beginning to show.

Well, nothing free drinks can't cure!

You're thrilled to see that basically all of campus showed up!

But you just want to make sure they're all aware of why they're there...

...until everybody is like:

In the end, your birthday may not have turned out exactly as planned.

...but you did get to spend it with the people most important to you, so you can't really complain.

Plus, there's always next year.

You're already planning the party, duh.

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