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5 Movies to Watch on V-Day if You Don't Plan on Seeing 'Fifty Shades'


With Valentine's Day coming up this weekend, it's safe to say that a lot of the country's moviegoers will be headed to see Fifty Shades of Grey. The steamy erotic thriller has been one of the most highly anticipated films this year, so it's no surprise that many will be lining up to catch it, whether or not they're creeped out by the premise. But if you want to head to the movies this weekend and not deal with the crowds of giggling girls or lovey-dovey couples, you still have plenty of other options! Here are some of the films you should catch this weekend:

1. Jupiter Ascending

Sure, Jamie Dornan is super cute but Channing Tatum will forever be in our hearts! If you're going on a more casual date and want a no-frills movie, your best bet is Jupiter Ascending. It has enough action to keep your date enticed, but also a nice romantic subplot to stick with the Valentine's Day theme. 

2. Mortdecai

If you're looking for a night full of laughter, whether you're with your SO or your besties, Johnny Depp's quirky and charming character Charlie Mortdecai will definitely help you achieve that! In this Pink Panther-like flick, Depp plays a crime-stopping art dealer whose latest mission is to find a famous piece of artwork.

3. The Boy Next Door

For a good spook this V-Day, head to theaters to see Jennifer Lopez in this classic romance-turned-obsession thriller. We have a feeling the fling between Lopez's character and the charming guy next door is not going to end well...

4. The Wedding Ringer

If you liked I Love You, Man with Paul Rudd, The Wedding Ringer is right up your alley. Funny man Kevin Hart will probably have you and your friends keeled over laughing in this comedy, where he plays the CEO of a company that finds a best man for friendless grooms. 

5. Backstreet Boys: Show 'Em What You're Made of

For a feel-good time and a walk down memory lane, check out the Backstreet Boys' latest documentary, which follows their rise to fame and ultimate fizzle. It's raw and gritty, but also one of those movies that will bring you back to your days of being a boy band fanatic. Hint: It's available to rent on iTunes so you can watch it without having to leave your bed!

What will you be watching this Valentine's Day, collegiettes?

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