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The 21 Stages of Valentine's Day, As Told by Single Ladies


Valentine's Day is all candy hearts, Cupid and PDA - at least, if you ask taken people (and really, aren't they the worst kind?). Let's get real: Valentine's Day is WAY more than nomming on chocolates and asking yourself how you got so lucky to be in love. Want the real story? Ask a single girl. These are the true stages of Valentine's Day, as told by single ladies (the ones who really get what's going on here).

1. Spring semester starts off so well — you're finally back on campus with the girls, single and *~~loving it~~*

2. Seriously, there's never been a better time to be single in the history of ever.You don't even realize you're being lulled into a false sense of security.

3. And then suddenly you start seeing pink and red hearts in CVS, and the Internet is blowing up about #ValentinesDay.

Are we really going to do this now?

4. You're really good at hiding your thoughts on the matter.

JK, you couldn't keep quiet if your life depended on it.

5. At first your confidence pumps into overdrive. Who needs love anyway? You've got your friends, Nutella and, most importantly, Netflix.

6. ...But then you realize everyone is making plans for the big day. Best of all? They won't stop talking about it.

7. When they do finally take a breath, they ask you how you're feeling.

And you're like, I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was coming down with a serious case of Single-itis. Thanks for checking on me every five minutes, guys! Super helpful!

8. Even worse, your roommate's boyfriend is feeling all the feels.

No. No. PLEASE don't go on all night...

...He does, though. Obviously.

9. You start to question everything.Will you be single forever? Is it a bad sign that you love looking at cat pictures? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

10. Why does this holiday even exist?!

11. You decide it's time to take action. It's Friday night, and time is running out - the hunt for Mr. Valentine is on.

12. There are like 50 bajillion PDA couples in your way all night.

Don't they know this bar is for singles only?!

13. FINALLY, you spot some seriously gorgeous man candy across the room. Now that's the V-Day candy you were looking for!

14. ...But then he speaks.

Oh, right - that's why you wanted to be single in the first place, duh.

15. The big day arrives. Valentine's Day is here!

Singles Awareness Day has never been so real.

16. But wait it's not too late to celebrate Galentine's Day! Okay so that was supposed to be yesterday, but you were busy hunting valentines, obviously.

17. What's so wrong with friends, Nutella and Netflix anyway? TBH that sounds WAY better than romance, candlelight and uncomfortably tight date dresses.

18. You and your fellow single besties proceed to watch chick flick after chick flick.

Why didn't you think of this before?!

19. You're also defying all stereotypes by not eating Ben & Jerry's, so you're definitely in the clear... LOL JK you've eaten a whole pint #sorrynotsorry.

20. You remember that tomorrow is just another day a day when you can look at cat pictures again without feeling an impending sense of doom. And they're so freaking cute!


21. And then the realization hits: It'll be another year before happy couples can show off again. Tomorrow, your single lady reign begins again!

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