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The Best Super Bowl Commercials of All Time


It's that time of year again. Think jerseys, cheese balls, and an American pasttime that goes all the way back to 1967. Sure, it might seem a little ridiculous to the rest of the world how crazy we get for this sport. But what can we say, it's a tradition: family and friends gather around the television, stuff their faces full of the worst junk food imaginable, and pretend that they're interested in a sport that nine times out of 10 they don't even understand. Yet no tradition coming out of the Super Bowl is greater than the commercials. For one night we are treated to the funniest, sweetest, and most creative commercials of the year. It would be impossible to mention all of them here, so we're attempting to narrow it down to the top ten most memorable Super Bowl commercials of all time. 

10. "All aboard the 5G train!" - Best Buy 2011

This one gets on the list simply because it is so ridiculous and silly that it ends up actually being extremely hilarious. Poking fun at Ozzy's lack of eloquence, it compares the replacement of Osbourne with a fresh, floppy-haired, tattoo-free Justin Bieber to the deal Best Buy was giving their customers to allow them to trade in their old phones for a new one. Even if you didn't catch the so-called "Bieber fever," you can appreciate Justin's attempt to poke fun at himself at the end of the ad. 

9. "Fashionista Daddy" - Doritos 2013

The reason we picked this ad over all the other Doritos greats (and there were many to choose from) was the fact that it managed to be hilarious while also providing a great example of good parenting. While the father has a tantalizing incentive in the form of a jumbo bag of Doritos, he still chooses a dress-up date with his daughter over football with the guys. And when they decide to make an appearance, things only get better from there. Funny, but also an awesome PSA on how to ace at being a dad—well played, Doritos!

8. "Larry Bird v. Michael Jordan" - McDonald's 1993

Whatever opinions you have about McDonald's, its food, and its business practices, this was a great piece of advertising. The king of hoops himself gets challenged to what essentially is a long game of HORSE (you guys remember HORSE, right?!) by another basketball legend, Larry Bird. The prize is a Big Mac, but rather than have the product take the spotlight, the ad instead chooses to focus on these guys' insane b-ball skills. They're so well matched that neither one can seem to beat the other, resulting in the ending shot of the two planning to sink a point off the top of Chicago's iconic John Hancock Tower. Plus you can't beat the groovy nineties hip-hop jam playing in the background. Oh how it takes us back...

7. "Terry Tate" - Reebok 2003

Many of us may not be old enough to remember this one, but it was an extremely popular ad at the time, and would inspire many similar spots to come. This one will especially appeal to anyone who currently holds or has ever held an office job. Not much to say, except that we know that this would be one epic way to brighten up the dullness of corporate America! 

6. "Puppy Love" - Budweiser 2014

When this aired last year, it took social media by storm—just one year later it's racked up over 55 million hits on YouTube! A poignant tale of an unlikely relationship between a young pup and a Budweiser Clydesdale, it manages to combine all the best tearjerker elements into one chick flick package: true love, animals, and happy endings. Have some tissues ready for this one, collegiettes!

5. "Brotherhood" - Budweiser 2013

Another Budweiser spot takes the number 5 spot, and the reason this one is different and better than its predecessor is that it skillfully managed to tug at the heartstrings without being overly mushy. Whether it was Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide" playing softly in the background, the extremely attractive man, or the tearful reunion at the end, this one really got the waterworks going. Perhaps its because at heart its a simple tale of parenting, child-raising, and that awful melancholy feeling parents feel when the kid finally flies the coop. We just know after watching this you're probably going to call your parents as soon as humanly possible—you're welcome, parents.

4. "9-11" - Budweiser 2002

Yet another Budweiser creation enters our list, but unlike #6 and #5, this one has nothing to do with adorable animals or cute love stories. Instead, it is a heartwrenching tribute to a city which, at the time, had barely managed to catch its breath after the tragic events of September 11. Why this ad was so special, and deserves our respect, was that Budweiser specifically decided to air it only once during the entire Super Bowl telecast, so as to not benefit financially from it. If that's not the most amazing thing you ever heard (since when do big companies act human?) then take a look at the halftime performance which aired during that same game. One thing is for sure: for a nation still in mourning, football helped us come together and if only for a brief moment, forget our troubles. 

3. "Mean Joe" - Coke 1979 

The reason that this commercial, which aired well over 30 years ago, continues to rank high in Super Bowl history is because at its heart it's the ultimate dream for anybody who's ever been a fan. Whether you worship an athlete, a singer, an actress, or even a political leader, you have no doubt fantasized about the possibility of meeting them in person. We can only hope it goes as well for you as it did for this kid, whose generous offering of his ice cold Coke softened even "mean" Joe Greene's heart. 

2. "The Force" - Volkswagen 2011

Cute kid and mega Star Wars references? You can't beat a winning combination like that, and it appeared to work for Volkswagen: the commercial currently has over 61 million views on YouTube and counting. Plus, no one can deny that at one point or another, we've all attempted to "use the force." Adorable and very funny, this is going to be a future classic.

1."1984" - Apple 1984

There was no doubt as to which ad would take the number one spot. As iconic as it is powerful in its message, Apple burst out of the gates with this preview of their latest product (at the time), the Macintosh computer. That's right—the mammoth-sized box computer that is now no doubt collecting dust in your attic as we speak was once cutting edge technology. What was so amazing about this commercial was its ability to use inspiration from George Orwell's classic novel "1984" without patronizing it. We have the late visionary Steve Jobs to thank for that, and we can only hope that this continues to live on for many generations to come.


We can't wait to see what this year's commercials bring!

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