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The 13 Stages of Oversleeping for Your 8 a.m. Class


You know how you thought you only hit snooze twice? You actually hit it three times that. Now your first class is starting in 10 minutes, and you have terrible bedhead and morning breath that could kill someone. These are the stages of oversleeping for your 8 a.m., or, why you should never, EVER sign up for a class at that hour in the first place.

1. You finally wake up when your snooze alarm goes off for the eighth time and your roommate throws something at you.

Wait, it's only... wait... WAIT, WHAT?

2. As soon as you notice what time it is, all hell breaks loose.


3. You jump out of bed and quickly begin scrambling to somehow wash your face and brush your teeth at the same time.

Yum, face cleanser for breakfast!

4. You don't bother with your hair because there's simply not time for it, so you'll have to accept the fact that you'll look gross today.

Let's hope there's no one cute in your class.

5. After getting dressed in record time, you rush to get your backpack together. It's possible that you forgot your assignment and snack for the day.

(You're more upset about the snack.)

6. You text your friend in that class to save you a seat so you don't get stuck in the front row.

Let's hope she didn't oversleep, too.

7. Class started five minutes ago but you're starving, so you tear apart your kitchen to try to find something decent.

Cereal in a Solo cup? Okay.

8. As soon as you leave, you begin competing for the fastest time to ever make it to your class.

You even... take the stairs. (Dun dun duuuuun.)

9. Running with a backpack is not only embarrassing but also semi-difficult, so you're definitely getting some weird stares.

Excuse me, sorry, just trying to fix my tanking GPA.

10. By the time you get to your class, you're totally out of breath.

Good thing your backpack covers your back sweat :/

11. You walk in awkwardly, 20 minutes late, and your friend is all the way on the other side of the classroom.

Walking through tiny rows of ticked-off people and apologizing under your breath every two seconds is totally how you wanted to start your morning. Hooray.

12. When you finally take your seat, you question why on earth you ever signed up for a class at this hour.


13. Remember during registration when you thought an 8 a.m. would be good for you so you could jump-start your day?

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Never. Again.

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