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5 Little Ways to Show You’re Into Him


Imagine this: You meet a cute guy. After talking to him and getting to know him, you realize how much you really like him. How do you make him aware of your feelings without coming out and saying, “I like you”? Dropping hints could be the best way of showing how you feel before you consider asking him out.

You want to set yourself apart from the rest of his girl friends and make sure you don’t fall quickly into the friend zone when hanging out. Show him how you feel with these easy ideas!

1.Send a “good luck” text

We all know how stressful a huge exam can be and how sweet it is to have someone wish you good luck. A good way to get you on his mind early on is shooting him a “Good luck today!” text before a test. It’s a small but effective way of showing you care about him.

“The easiest way I can let a guy know I’m thinking about him is showing that I care about the small stuff,” says Christina Lin, a junior at Providence College. “Even if we don’t text throughout the day, letting him know he’s on my mind in such a subtle way is always a good idea.”

A bonus to texting him is that it sets up opportunity later on for him to text you about how the exam went. It may seem like a small step, but it’s significant enough to slowly get you closer to him.

2. Deliver his favorite coffee order to the library

If at some point in a conversation he told you he’s posting up in the library and getting to work, take advantage of this opportunity to further show you care.

In your conversation, text him and ask if he needs some fuel for studying. Take a pit stop at the coffee place on campus and grab both of you something to drink. Drop by the library and tell him you wanted to drop it off before he got to studying all day so you could see him and say, “Hi!”

3. Invite him on a double date

If you’re too nervous to ask him on a one-on-one date yet, use your roommate and her boyfriend as a good excuse to go out. Tell him they want to see that new movie that just came out and they invited you along. You didn’t want to go alone and thought he’d be perfect company to ease the third-wheel pain.

Something casual like an on-campus date or movie is the perfect time to show him you like him. While your roomie and her BF are snuggling in the theater, it gives you two time to be alone without the pressure or nerves of a one-on-one date.

4. Show him your favorite show

Show him your favorite things so you can get to know each other better. Invite him over to watch the first episode of your favorite series with you.

Let him know that because he liked The Walking Dead so much, he’d probably like American Horror Story, too. Combining your interests helps you two bond over something new you two can talk about.

5. Send him a Spotify playlist

There was nothing cuter than making mix CDs for the guy you liked back in high school. Considering not many people do that anymore, a Spotify playlist of songs you think he’d like is the mix CD of 2015!

“I had a major crush on this music buff guy, and we always talked about [what music] we were loving at the moment,” says Shannon Mooney, a junior at the University of New Hampshire. “I told him to listen to my new favorite band and made him a playlist of their album and some other songs like it.”

Assuming you have known him for a while now, you’ve probably talked about your favorite music before. Not only that, but Spotify lets you see what your friends are listening to, so it’ll give you an even better reason to let him know the playlist is something you think he’d be interested in.

It might be hard to figure out if he’s flirting with you, so making a move to show him you’re into him is the way to go. Use these little ways to show that special guy you like him without putting too much pressure on yourself!

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