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6 Reasons Why Jimmy Kimmel Should Host 'The Bachelor'


We’re only three weeks into this season of The Bachelor, and it’s already feeling a bit stale, right? Wrong! You know why? Because in a twist that no one saw coming, Jimmy Kimmel stepped in for veteran host Chris Harrison and totally threw a wrench in the system. Not only did he (supposedly!) organize the dates himself but he even attended a few. And let’s just say he wasn’t afraid to get up close and personal with our Prince Farming. Below, we’re stating our case for why he should continue his guest hosting gig indefinitely.

He calls these fools on their crap

One of the first rules that Jimmy implemented as new master of Bachelor Nation was to charge the ladies—and Chris!—each time they used the worn-out word “amazing” to describe their incredible journeys to find love. And as the jar filled up with singles, we couldn’t help but rejoice. Splurge on a thesaurus with your newly acquired funds, okay?

He organizes the most realistic dates in Bachelor history

It’s no secret that many contestants come on this show for all the wrong reasons including helicopter rides, trips around the world, and an unlimited supply of alcohol. Imagine Kaitlyn’s surprise when she and Chris pulled up to Costco in a limo with Jimmy’s grocery list in tow. After the initial shock wore off, the two amused themselves by rolling around in what appeared to be a giant hamster ball and buying enough ketchup to fill a hot tub.

He tags along to vet the girls

This comedian is no slacker when it comes to making sure these ladies are right for Chris. He made the perfect third wheel on Kaitlyn’s one-on-one dinner date and made sure she checked out before strolling away with some pillows from Chris’s patio. Or so we thought until Jimmy reappeared in the hot tub eating chicken wings while the two lovebirds played tonsil tennis in front of him, although he didn’t seem to mind!

He only wants what’s best for Chris… and America

Jimmy totally had Chris in mind when organizing this week’s group date during which the gals competed in a “Hoedown Throwdown” obstacle course. Milking a goat and drinking its special brew, wrestling a pig, and shoveling manure into a wheelbarrow among other farm-life horrors showed Chris who was made to keep her apron strings tied tight for the rest of their lives together—or until After the Final Rose!

He’s not afraid to go places Chris Harrison never dared to venture

We’ve seen the outdoor shower shots of our leading man several times now, but none was quite as eye-catching as this week’s. Just as we were preparing to roll our eyes at how redundant this footage was becoming, the camera panned to Chris’s shower companion. You guessed it… Jimmy! Somehow we can’t imagine Harrison ever scrubbing Chris’s back for him. Maybe because we don’t want to.

He understands the pain of the rejection limo

We may not have arrived at the rejection limo exit interview stage of the season yet, but Jimmy just couldn’t resist mocking the ladies who become attached so, so quickly.

Until next week, we'll leave you with this unbelievably amazing—wink, wink—GIF of Chris dancing. It's almost too good to be true!

Would you love seeing Jimmy Kimmel as the new host of The Bachelor, collegiettes? Or are you too attached to Chris Harrison at this point?

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