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8 Male Child Stars Who Got WAY Hot


We’ve all had our awkward stages that we’d rather pretend never happened (shout out to those middle school dance pics), and famous people are no different. Check out our favorite celeb transformations that made us thankful for puberty!

1. Matthew Lewis

Well done, Neville; well done. 50 points to Gryffindor!

2. Josh Peck

Sorry Drake, but after Josh grew up (and slimmed down), he successfully stole the title of "Most Attractive Sibling."

3. Zac Efron

Troy Bolton was cute and all, but we fell for Zac Efron again after he ditched the long hair and basketball uniforms and turned totally swoon-worthy.  

4. Taylor Lautner 

Sharkboy made the transition from spiky-haired kid to buff, permanently shirtless werewolf seamlessly.

5. Josh Hutcherson

He may still be short in stature, but with that adorable face and sweet demeanor, we’re Team Peeta all the way.

6. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

We loved precocious, young JGL, but now that he’s all grown up (and married!), Joseph is as suave and classy as they come. The man knows how to dress! 

7. Leonardo DiCaprio

Let’s be real; there really wasn’t ever a time when Leo wasn’t gorgeous. But we all enjoyed his evolution from baby-faced teen to leading man. 

8. Justin Timberlake 

The world became a more beautiful place the day JT exchanged his frosted tips and boy-band persona for a “suit and tie,” stubble and seriously sexy dance moves. 

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