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Top 10 Tina & Amy Moments from Last Night's Golden Globes


Well, they did it again. Last night’s Golden Globe Awards was once again hosted by our favorite funny female duo Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. With their strongest opening monologue yet, they received endless laughs and a few gasps from the star-studded audience. Between their clever jokes and costume changes, they only left people wanting one thing... MORE. Let's face it, these two hilarious and talented women can make anything better. Here are our top 10 "TinAmy" moments from the 72nd Golden Globes!

1. Oprah brought everyone cranberry scented candles—well not really

Early in the monologue Tina expressed her excitement over being in the presence of the one and only Oprah Winfrey, joking that “She has put a cranberry candle under all of your seats!” This got a big laugh, especially from Ms. Winfrey herself. In fact, it wouldn't be surprising to find out that some people actually glanced under their seats, just to be sure.

2. Emma Stone is actually a famous "Big Eyes" painting

If anyone can embrace being the object of a joke, it’s the adorable Emma Stone. It was actually her famous large green eyes that took the hit, when Poehler claimed that one of the paintings from the new Tim Burton movie Big Eyes was on display at the show. Instead it turned out to be a surprised Emma Stone laughing at herself. 

3. Becoming a human woman isn't easy

After acknowledging Steve Carell, Tina explained how it took 2 hours to create his look for the character in the film Foxcatcher. She poked fun at herself for taking even longer to get her own look together, as well as hinting at the expectations for women to maintain typical beauty standards. Even so, both hosts looked flawless in their many dresses... and a tux. 

4. Julia Louis-Dreyfus won’t leave Tina Fey alone

We all know that Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tina Fey are buds (Julia even played Tina's character Liz Lemon in an episode of 30 Rock), which is why it was even funnier when Fey called her out Mean Girls style. Tina claimed she was obsessed with her and that they weren't even friends while Julia played along in the audience.

5. When they told it like it is

The film Selma, about Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights movement, has been getting a lot of buzz—and for the right reasons. This powerful film highlights an issue that is still relevant today. In light of recent events these past months, Fey used a little bit of sarcasm to emphasize the fact that not enough has changed when it comes to racial discrimination.

6. A quick game of “Would You Rather?”

Who wouldn't wanna play a game of "Would you Rather" with these ladies? The key to their friendship may be their differing taste in men, but it also may be the fact that in the words of Tina, "They have been friends for almost 50 years." All jokes aside, Tina seemed to be very sure of her choice as she professed her love for actor Chris Pine. I mean, can you blame her?

7. Amy likes it Ruffalo

In yet another round of "Who Would You Rather?" the choices were Ed Norton or Mark Ruffalo. Tina chose Ed for his method acting, while Amy chose Mark because she "likes it Ruffalo."

8.  Some Cosby controversy

People were wondering whether or not Tina and Amy would go there, and boy did they. With the Bill Cosby rape allegations all over the news, it was just a matter of time before someone really called him out... in front of the entire entertainment industry. The joke started off with Amy saying, "And Sleeping Beauty just thought she was getting coffee with Bill Cosby." It didn't end there. Both comedians tried out their own Cosby impressions (They should probably stick to Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin), getting both laughs and groans from the audience. Some people feel that the joke went to far, while others are defending the fact that they made the joke to call out and shame Cosby himself, rather than make a joke about rape. The important thing is to recognize that both these women identify strongly as feminists who also publicily support organizations that help victims of sexual assault. 

9. The best feminist joke possibly ever

The hosts took another swing at George Clooney this year, but this time with a positive motive. They took the time to praise Clooney's new wife, Amal Almuddin, for her work as a human rights lawyer. After naming all her achievements, they finished off with a line about how even after all Amal has done, it's her husband who is geting the a lifetime achievement award. Of course Clooney is a talented actor with a respected career, but that shouldn't be any more celebrated than his wife's accomplishments. Tina and Amy found a great way to make a lighthearted joke out of the fact that men are often still praised more for their achievements than women. Bravo ladies!

10. Meryl Streep summed it all up

After hosting three successful years in a row, it's time for TinAmy to pass along the torch to someone new. Multiple Golden Globe winner Meryl Streep wrapped up the last award of the night by saying, "I just wanna say how much we are going to miss Tina and Amy... oh my God." We feel the exact same way, Meryl.

ICYMI, be sure to catch the entire opening monologue, below!

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