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The 5 New Year’s Resolutions Every College Girl Should Make


2015 is finally here, and it feels like it’s about to be a special year – we’re already feeling a little older, a little wiser and a whole lot more futuristic. Best part? It’s a chance for a fresh start on making positive changes. Still, chances are that after you counted down on New Year’s Eve and watched the ball drop in Times Square, you probably made a few promises you can’t keep (or worse, didn’t make any resolutions at all). This year, pick resolutions you can stick to that’ll make 2015 your best year yet!

These easy resolutions are everything you need to start (and end!) the year with a bang.

1. Put your best face forward

Vow to make this year the one where you shine, inside and out. Of course, the key to rocking that confidence is feeling your best, which means you have to treat yourself right! With everything else that’s taking up your time, your body – and your skin in particular – just isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Take matters into your own hands – use the Proactiv+ 3-Step System to put your best face forward this year!

The Skin Smoothing Exfoliator, Pore Targeting Treatment and Complexion Perfecting Hydrator feature more medicine and more skincare benefits, plus a new, smarter way to target acne, so you’ll show off your healthiest complexion yet (we’re obsessed!). Plus you can actually afford it (less than $30 per month for a fresher face is something your budget can handle).

2. Pick back up a hobby you’ve lost

Ever since you arrived on campus your first day of freshman year, you’ve picked up a thousand and one new activities; between clubs, intramural sports, out-of-the-box homework assignments, hanging with roomies and friends and exploring your college town, you’ve got a ton going on. With all those new activities on our hands (and our schedules), though, it’s nearly impossible to keep up the things that used to make us who we were – playing tennis or swimming, reading for fun at all hours, baking desserts, discovering new underground bands, practicing the guitar… we could go on and on. Make a pact to pick up one of your favorite lost hobbies this year, and work it into your schedule every week. After a while, it’ll feel natural again, and you’ll gain back that bit of your old self you’ve been missing!

3. Make a plan

We’re all about the future these days – after all, 2015 is the year that Doc and Marty travel to in Back to the Future (sorry not sorry for our nerdiness). We may not have hover cars yet, but we dare to dream – and better yet, we dare to make some serious future plans. Figure out what your next big move is going to be; maybe you’re choosing a study abroad destination, applying to internships or even researching jobs and cities to live in after graduation. Whatever your next chapter is, make a resolution now to give it your all. Create a list with the steps needed to reach the goal, then plan out when this year you’ll have to accomplish each smaller goal or step to reach it. 2015 is about to get a whole lot more ambitious (and exciting)!

4. Conserve your cash

Money flows out like water in college – between tuition, rent, books, study snacks and everything else you use to have fun (A car? Movie tickets? Fancy restaurant meals?), you’ll be hard pressed to actually save any money you might make from part-time jobs or babysitting. Still, the cash you’re spending now could come in handy later on, so why not try your best to pocket some? Even saving $20-50 a week can make a huge difference by the end of the year!

Keep track of your spending with a finance management app like Mint to see where all your money’s going, then make a plan to start saving more and more each month. Maybe you cut down on coffee costs by brewing it in your dorm or grabbing some for free in the dining hall. Maybe you plan to see only one movie a month instead of two, or you have more girls’ nights in with popcorn and Netflix (win-win situation). You’ll feel better knowing you’re taking control of your cash and keeping as much as you can for when you need it most!

5. Take a trip

Unless you’re about to study abroad (yay you!), chances are you’re going to spend a whole lot of time on campus or at home this year – after all, college students aren’t exactly known for having the means (or the time) to travel across the world on flights of fancy (Sad, we know). Decide on a trip to take this year – it could be something as wild and crazy as a month-long backpacking trip abroad or as simple as a weekend road trip with your roommates – whatever it is, you’ll want to start saving and make plans early. It’s the resolution you won’t want to miss – now’s the time to see new places (future home cities?) and meet new people along the way!

With these resolutions, make 2015 your best year yet. Look fabulous, feel fabulous and make fabulous plans – however you spend your year, know that you’re treating yourself to one fantastic 2015.

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