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The 5 Best (& 5 Worst!) Looks from 'Mean Girls'


Will the awe-inspiring magnificence that is Mean Girls ever get old? We certainly don't think so, and thankfully, neither does Netflix! To celebrate the addition of Mean Girls to Netflix this month, we've rounded up the five best (and five worst!) looks from the classic film. Warning: Plenty of Plastic and '04 fashion ahead!


1. Festive and flirty

The dance number that launched a thousand outfit parodies. This is one of the only looks in the film that doesn't feel dated, and the black accents to the traditional red and white outfits make this iconic look even sexier.

2. Edgy and awesome

The more we thought about it, the more Janis Ian deserved to be on this list. Sure, she has a penchant for knee-length skirts and patterned socks, but Janis knows her style and rocks it. Plus, the outfit she's wearing when she meets Cady is totally cool, with her layered tees and "RUBBISH" logo. Janis has emo style down pat and never cares what anyone thinks, and that's why we love her.

3. Catsuit curves

A Halloween staple, Gretchen is the only Plastic to not go completely overboard on the sexy holiday. Sure, the spandex catsuit shows off every single curve, but it shows way less skin than Regina and Karen's outfits, and is somehow the sexiest look of all.

4. Cult classic

Two words: velour tracksuits. Nothing says 2004 like a bubblegum pink tracksuit, and Regina's mom (aka Amy Poehler) absolutely rocks it. We wouldn't be caught dead in one of these today, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't give anything to be able to wear a Juicy Couture tracksuit to Starbucks while hungover.

5. Pretty pastels

The outfit Cady is wearing during the assembly is often overlooked, but it's the relative simplicity of it that makes it shine. Variations of her ribbed top and flippy skirt could have been found in the closet of any teen girl in '04 and the pastel shades really make Lindsay's red hair pop.


1. Cut it out

We know that this scene is meant to prove that Regina can rock anything, but a tank top with boob cut-outs? Not even the queen of the Plastics can pull that off. 

2. Unwelcome undergarments

It wasn't until the 10th or 12th time we watched Mean Girls that we realized Cady is legitimately wearing a bright red bra (with the straps showing) under her strapless black-and-pink dress. Knowing the power of the strapless bra like we do, we can't help but cringe at this scene.

3. Vulgar vest

It's never really explained why Ms. Norbury is wearing a vest covered in hideous pins, but does it really matter? As much as we love Tina Fey, Damian is right to make fun of this horrendous ensemble.

4. Print problems

We get that graphic tanks and loud prints were big in 2004, but we can't get on board with this look. A tank top with "Bling Bling" across the front? Come on, Karen. And that heart-print micro-mini isn't doing you any favors, either.

5. Purple faux pas

While we totally respect Janis' choice to rock a tuxedo to the Spring Fling dance, it's just an eyesore. Maybe a bit of tailoring or... honestly, did she have to go with that grape purple?

With so many looks to choose from, it was tough to narrow our lists down, but in the end, we managed to pick the most memorable outfits from Mean Girls, from fugly to fetch. Now head on over to Netflix and decide for yourself!

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