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Beauty Hacks: What to Use When You Run Out of Your Fave Products


So, you're back on campus after being gone for break, and it's not until you need shaving cream that you remember you ran out at the end of last semester and were supposed to stock up before heading back to school. Oops. And since it's winter and you've probably already gone one too many days without shaving, one more day just isn't an option. So what do you do? Fortunately, most of our beauty essentials can be replaced by other products when you're stuck in a rut. The beauty hacks below will show you how to get away with looking your best, even when you've run out of your favorite products!

You're Out Of: Blush or Cheek Stain
Try: Lipstick 

A quality lipstick is a fabulous asset to your cosmetic bag and works in multiple ways. Make your own cream blush by applying it to the back of your hand, then warming it up with your finger before dabbing it onto the apples of your cheeks. Use a different finger to blend the product upward for an even, natural-looking finish. 

You're Out Of: Shaving Cream
Try: Hair Conditioner 

When you find yourself out of shaving cream last minute, solve the problem quickly by applying some of your hair conditioner to the area that needs attention for the perfect substitute. Hair conditioner can dull the blade of your razor a bit sooner than traditional shaving cream, so be aware of this if you plan on permanently using hair conditioner as a shaving cream substitute. On the bright side, its thick, rich texture will help protect your skin and makes your hair softer.

You're Out Of: Makeup Remover
Try: Olive Oil  

Just like olive oil is good for your body, it's excellent for your skin as well. The healthy fats it contains helps to plumps and moisturizes your skin, while the antioxidants will assist in fighting free radicals, which will slow the aging process of your complexion. Plus, it's eco-friendly and budget-friendly. Score!

You're Out Of: Leave-In Conditioner
Try: DIY Leave-In Conditioner with Conditioner and Water 

Having a bottle of pre-packaged, name brand leave-in conditioner is clutch, but sometimes the product runs out at the worst timepossible. Fix your problem quickly by combining some of your regular conditioner with water in a spray bottle, and spray the product onto your ends as desired. 

You're Out Of: Toner
Try: Apple Cider Vinegar

Using toner after cleansing your skin and before moisturizing works wonders for absorbing any excess oil your skin may have produced. It also helps to clarify your skin and clear off anything you may have missed when rinsing your face clean. Apple cider vinegar is an awesome purifying agent that works as an astringent, so use it as a toner, especially along your T-zone if you're prone to acne to help prevent breakouts. 

You're Out Of: Blotting Papers
Try: Coffee Filters

Since they're made with similar ingredients as packaged blotting papers, coffee filters are an easy way to absorb any excess oil from your skin to reduce shine. While traveling, you can also use the disposable toilet seat covers some public restrooms provide, as they're another on-the-go blotting paper substitute. 

What are your favorite beauty hacks, collegiettes? Tell us in the comments!

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