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5 Ways to Rock an Ugly Christmas Sweater


Ugly Christmas sweaters are the holiday-themed clothing that everyone loves to hate. If you can look past the itchy fabric, the gaudy color schemes, the pom-poms and the slight tackiness of this holiday staple, you might be able to love it (and not just ironically)! Wearing an ugly Christmas sweater is just as much as a holiday tradition as getting treats in your stocking or bundling up in the cold, and there’s no reason you can’t look cute in one. Rock these looks over Christmas break to take an ugly Christmas sweater from drab to fab!

1. Tough and edgy

Tough and Edgy Christmas Sweater

Prepare to divert all of your great-aunt’s awkward questions about your love life at the family party in this tough-chick spin on the ugly Christmas sweater. This edgy look paired with the silliness of an ugly Christmas sweater will play up both your serious and sassy sides.

2. Cute and girly

Cute and Girly Christmas Sweater

Wear this adorable look when going to a family party or Christmas dinner. Find a darker shade of the color of your sweater and match your tights to it (for example, if the main color of your sweater is moss green, your tights could be forest green). Wear a black skater skirt on top and tuck your ugly Christmas sweater into the skirt. To finish off this charming outfit, tie a ribbon of the same color scheme in your hair and slip on some patterned flats.

3. Total Christmas look

Total Christmas

The one time to go all out on Christmas cheer? Your annual family holiday card! Keep your look modern with black jeans and ankle booties, but show off your holiday spirit with dangly Christmas tree earrings. If you want to add even more Christmas spirit to your look, don the ever-classic Santa hat!

4. Comfy and practical

Comfy and Practical Christmas Sweater

Topshop blue top
$79 - nordstrom.com




Jockey white cami




This outfit is great for running last-minute errands before the holidays. Rather than wearing your same old school sweatshirt, slip on an ugly Christmas sweater. Pick a basic undershirt in white or black (depending on the sweater) and layer the ugly Christmas sweater on top. Wear skinny jeans and a pair of black sneakers or flats. Having your Christmas sweater as the only color on your outfit will make your kitschy pullover pop! If you want to accessorize, top off your look with a woolen knit hat in black or white.

5. Sexy and spirited

Sexy and Spirited

Think there’s no way to look sexy in a Christmas sweater? Think again! Rock your festive cardigan at an ugly Christmas sweater party by pairing it with a crop top and some tight, high-waisted, acid-wash jeans. Finish this outfit with black leather over-the-knee boots, and everyone will be trying to bring you near the mistletoe.

Ugly Christmas sweaters may not be your favorite piece of clothing, but with these great tips, you can look cute in them no matter the occasion!

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