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22 Thoughts Every Girl Has While Writing a Paper


Oh hey, finals season. Aren’t we happy to see you… not. Finals season means it's time to write those final papers, but getting a 10-pager done is the definition of struggle. While we’re trying to write final essays, here are the thoughts that go through our (and every other girl’s) head.

1. Okay, let’s do this. I can totally get 10 pages done tonight.

2. I’m putting on SelfControl so that I don’t check Facebook for the next hour. Productivity mode: ON.

3. Hey, this actually isn't so bad. Fifteen minutes and I've already written a good first paragraph!

4. Plow through! Plow through!

5. I’ve been writing for an hour and I only have a page written? Ugh, I’m such a slow writer.

6. Maybe I should take a Facebook break. I deserve it.

7. Is “disinstitutionalized” a word? No, definitely not.

8. Okay, Mozart’s putting me to sleep. Time for some Britney. She’ll get me pumped up.

9. This is horrible. I want to be done. Can I be done yet?

10. MLA format can go bury itself in a hole.

11. Have I earned a snack break yet?

12. Wait, how did I end up online shopping?

13. Why is the guy at the table next to me in the library snoring so loud? Wake up, you foolish bro!

14. Maybe if I increase the period size to 14-point font I’ll have 10 pages. Is that cheating? Maybe I shouldn’t do that; I’d feel bad. But it’ll get me to 10 pages! Why do I have a conscience?

15. I have been sitting here for SO. LONG. My butt definitely fell asleep.

16. Snack time!

17. Okay, 9.5 pages. Time to whip out a conclusion. That’s basically the easiest part... right?

18. Does my thesis even make sense?

19. Welp, it’s too late now, I’ve written the whole thing. Hopefully it makes sense.

20. How does anyone remember how to cite sources off the top of their head? I always have to Google it.

21. That was torture. I’m never doing it ever again.

And when you hit “Print”...


Somehow all the papers get written and the tests get taken. You can do it, collegiettes! Kick those finals in the you-know-where! 

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