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31 Thoughts Every Girl Has While on Pinterest


Pinterest is the perfect combination of procrastination and girly inspiration. Whether you’re looking for a new recipe, you need a quick pick-me-up in the form of an inspirational quote or you just want to avoid your homework for long periods of time, Pinterest is the perfect solution. And since we’re on it multiple times a day (don’t lie, you know you are), we’re quite familiar with the thoughts that go through every girl’s mind while Pinteresting.

1. "I’m just going to spend 10 minutes on Pinterest. Just 10."

2. "Let’s see what we have here… Looks like inspirational quotes seem to be the most popular on my feed. I can dig it."

3. "That quote is me. That is my life. You get me, Pinterest." 

4. "Pin. Pin. Oh, and this one, too. Can’t there just be a 'Pin All' button?"

5. "Scrolling, scrolling… oh, food! What should I make for dinner?"

6. "How long would that ACTUALLY take to cook? Is it more involved than making ramen?

7. "It has spinach in it, so it must be healthy. I really gotta start eating better."

8. "Ooooohhhh, pretty ring. My fiancé better get me one just like it. Because I deserve it."

9. "Puppypuppypuppy. LOOOK AT THE PUUUUPPYYYY!!"

10. "I wish I had enough effort to make frozen mixed drinks when I pregame. They look way better than vodka shots."

11. "I should really use those secret boards so it doesn’t look like I’m addicted to Pinterest…"

12. "I can stop whenever I want!"

13. "But first… wedding dresses."

14. "My 'Tying the Knot' board is sorta out of control, but might as well be prepared for the best day of my life, right?"

15. "My wedding dress WILL have a sweetheart neckline. No exceptions."

16. "And it will be lacy. And I'll pair it with pretty, sparkly shoes."

17. "They say I can make that artsy antique dresser myself, but I’m not great with paint."

18. "Pinterest is made for crafty people. It’s like every DIYer's dream."

19. "Ugh, those mini red velvet cheesecakes look so good."

20. "And that chocolate cake with Nutella frosting."

21. "Maybe I should spend more time looking at fitness pins instead of food…"

22. "Nah."


24. "Okay, those DIY bedazzled leggings are a tad much."

25. "Am I edgy enough to pull off 'boho chic'?"

26. "Where can I find a tulle skirt? Please, someone tell me."

27. "Love when a Ryan Gosling meme shows up." *Sigh*

28. "See, that haircut is cute. I could definitely pull that off."

29. "And those nails can’t be that hard to do!"

30. "How long have I been on this, anyway?"

31. *Realizes it’s been an hour and a half* "Ehhhh… five more minutes won’t hurt."

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