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7 Heartwarming Proposal Videos


While not everyone can rent out AT&T Park and a 50-piece orchestra for a Kimye-worthy proposal, these seven men have come up with creative proposals that every girl dreams of. Forsake a night of romantic comedies to watch real-life dreams come true in these heartwarming proposal videos!

1. A Blockbuster Proposal

Taking his girlfriend back to the restaurant where they had their first date, Justin turns his proposal into an impressive movie. Just imagine how much time went into planning this amazing proposal! 

2. A LipDub Proposal

LipDub proposals seem to be all the rage these days, but watch Brad really nail it when he brings in his and Emily’s friends and family to give him a hand. Her reaction is priceless!

3. Luvabull Proposal

Chicago Bulls dancer Ariana gets the surprise of a lifetime during a performance. Watch her shock when her fellow Luvabulls switch up the choreography on her!

4. Home Depot Marriage Proposal

Dustin’s uneventful trip to Home Depot takes a dramatic turn when he is surprised by a flash mob of friends and family. It’s no surprise that this romantic proposal has had more than 11 million hits on YouTube and has appeared on Ellen!

5. Making the Movies Jealous

People are always complaining about trailers at the movies, but thank goodness Ginny didn’t skip these ones! This impressive proposal “makes the movies jealous!”

6. In Descent Proposal

What Carlie thought was going to be the last ride of her life soon turned out to be the best! See how Ryan tricked his girlfriend into thinking they were about to crash!

7. A Six-Year Plan

This one definitely takes the cake for the most planning! This lucky girl didn’t even know she was being proposed to until she saw it on camera!    


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