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6 Reasons to Go on Birthright This Winter


You’ve heard how amazing Birthright is – let’s be honest, your friends just can’t stop talking about it. From their crazy-fabulous stories to their out-of-this-world Facebook albums (filled with breathtaking travel shots and new best friends that came out of nowhere), you can’t help but feel like you’re missing out on a majorly amazing opportunity.

The truth is, you are! But that doesn’t mean you can’t take matters into your own hands and upgrade your winter break ASAP! Taglit-Birthright Israel, a non-profit that offers young Jews between 18 and 26 the gift of a free 10-day trip to Israel, is accepting Winter Trip registrations for ONE MORE WEEK! 

While the rest of your friends are at home in the cold or taking winter classes, you’ll travel across the world, experience a thriving culture, float in the Dead Sea, explore high-tech Tel Aviv, shop the open-air markets of Jerusalem, ride camels in the Negev, hang out in waterfalls, raft through the Jordan River and climb to the top of Masada for the most epic sunrise, and that’s just day one! Kidding, that’s like two to three days. Out of 10! Check out the six best reasons to sign up ASAP for your Winter Trip.

1. You get to travel – for free!

“I went on Birthright this past summer, and it was such a unique and fulfilling experience. I floated in the Dead Sea, touched the Western Wall, climbed Masada at sunrise, rode on a camel, spent the night in a Bedouin tent and much more, all in the span of nine days.” – Jamie Kravitz, Emerson College ‘17

“Birthright really makes sure you get to experience the entire country. It’s amazing how much is packed into a 10-day trip.” – Sarah Cahn, Kent State ‘16

“The opportunity to travel is one thing, but the opportunity to travel to a place that I have wanted to go to since I was little was totally different. It was an amazing opportunity, the best trip I've ever been on, and I can't wait to go back. I would do it again in a heartbeat.” – Bari Markowitz, The University of Tampa ‘15

2. You’ll meet new people!

“I was so nervous during the weeks leading up to the trip because I didn't know anyone, but by the time the 10 days were over, it was like I [had] known [those] 40 students my entire life. I met so many new friends. I could honestly say I came back from Israel with 40 close friends and eight Israeli solders that I still keep in contact [with] to this day.”  – Bari

“Before leaving for Israel I only knew one person, but that changed very quickly. I expected everyone to already know each other since almost everyone went to Tulane [and I go to Kent State], but that really wasn't the case. Our first day of the trip we were hiking on Mount Arbel and I was wearing a Chi Omega hat. A girl on my trip noticed the hat and introduced herself to me. She and two other girls [were] Chi Omegas at Tulane!” – Sarah

3. You may find some steamy romance

“No romance for me, but for other girls, YES! Who doesn’t want to have a fling in another country?” – Bari

“It’s pretty common to get cozy with the other people on your trip, or even with the Israeli soldiers. Needless to say, there’s nothing more fun than falling for someone while you’re on such an amazing trip, having the time of your life!” – Lydia, Tufts University ‘14

4. You’ll come back with crazy stories

“I wouldn’t say it was ‘crazy,’ but going out in Jerusalem at night was honestly the coolest thing ever. Jerusalem is one of the holiest cities in Israel, and seeing it in a totally different light at night was amazing.” – Bari

5. You’ll remember it forever

“The friends I made and the amazing places that I saw [are what I’ll remember forever]. I think about Israel every day, and I'm so blessed to say I've gone to Israel (and especially on Birthright).” – Bari

“Starting the day watching the sun rise from the top of Masada and then going straight to the Dead Sea to spend the afternoon floating around in the water - that’s what I’ll always remember. It was amazing. You could basically sit up in the water, so you never wanted to get out, but once you finally did, you got to slather on genuine Dead Sea mud. The pictures of everyone on our trip covered in mud are priceless.” – Quinn Cohane, Bowdoin College ‘13

6. Everyone who’s done it wants YOU to do it, too!

“The entire trip was amazing, and I would do it again if I could. Traveling there helped me learn about Israel and myself, but it can only happen if you actually go.” – Sarah

“YOU NEED TO GO. It’s not like a, ‘You should go’ thing, it’s like a, ‘YOU NEED TO GO NOW’ kind of thing."– Bari

“My advice to anyone considering registering for Birthright is to do it! There are so many trip options - from when you go and [whom] you go with to how you experience Israel while you’re there. I recommend going with your college or another college in your area (which I did). You will come back to school and have a close community of students who were with you on this amazing journey. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s really cool.” – Jamie 

Whether you’re going for the chance to travel, make new friends, try exotic foods or experience a different culture, you’ll find everything you’re looking for on your Winter Trip to Israel. Plus, you can choose to go on a trip tailored to your identity or interests, like LGBT or tech-oriented trips! What are you waiting for? Register now for the trip of a lifetime, before spots run out!

Registration closes November 3rd at 9:00 a.m. EST. Don’t miss out!


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