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6 Unexpected Pieces of Jewelry You Need to Have


We all have our go-to studs, pendant necklaces and bangles, but accessorizing isn't just about stacking the rings or creating an arm party. Sometimes, your everyday jewelry just isn't enough, and you need a little something more. If you're feeling like breaking out of that comfort zone, take note! We've found the coolest, most unique jewelty pieces out there that are far from your average jewels—check them out!

Choker Necklace

Asos New Look Chain in Mesh Bar Necklace ($15.14)

Remember those spiral-y black choker necklaces you wore back in the 90s? Well, they're back, and in a better way—modern, chic, luxurious. This chunky, tubular choker is all kinds of cool. The mesh overlay surrounding the inner chain is more or less a shout-out to the ones we wore way back when, but the gold-tone plate is a total ode to today's trends.

Ear Jacket

Bauble Bar Cairo Ear Jacket Set ($38)

The ear jacket is a good way to embrace an edgy look without being too bold. Depending on the size of the jacket, you can achieve a pretty subtle look. This spiky piece is offers a sneaky way of adding an eclectic pop to a simple outfit. At first glance, they look kind of wild, but once they're on, you'll realize that the earlobe-hugging fit is actually very elegant.

Hand Chain

Forever 21 Rhinestone Hand Chain ($6.90)

Part bracelet and part ring, hand chains make arm parties seem... dated. Keep it simple and delicate, like this one from Forever 21, which is dainty with a hint of glam. 

Body Chain

Urban Outfitters' Vanessa Mooney Rocksteady Body Chain Harness ($120)

The body chain trend made its way into summer (they look so cute over a bikini at the beach), but just because fall is here doesn't mean you have to put the statement piece away. This version is the perfect accessory to add over a tank and under your cardigan. It's light and simple, but will add a ton of charm.

Ear Wing

Charming Charlie Fly High Ear Wing Set ($12)

Prepare to stun with this small, but ferocious accessory! For a night out on the town, all you honestly need is a cute LBD,  a pair of pumps, and one of these ear wings. No other jewelry necessary. Ear wings are a newer trend that are guaranteed to dazzle whether they wrap around your whole ear or just part of it.

Arm Band

Free People Stretch Upper Arm Band ($28)

The upper arm band is on the rise, so the next time you have a night out with your girlfriends, skip the dangly bangles and opt for a statement piece on your upper arm. This Free People band, gives a perfectly boho vibe to your look, but you can also look for simple gold bands that just exude elegance.


Spice up any outfit with these game-changing pieces! Which one are you most excited to try?

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