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Everything You Need for a Post Midterm Spa Day


Congrats, collegiettes—you made it through midterms! It's a time full of stress, anxiety, and very little beauty sleep, so even though it's a relief to be done, those all-nighters are still catching up to you. So how do you fix the dark circles and sore necks that come with long hours in the library? A spa day, of course! And we don't mean the all-inclusive package that'll cost you hundreds—we're talking about a spa day you can do right in your own dorm room. Here's everything you need to give yourself a much-deserved day of relaxation and pampering. 

1. Face masks

To purify, hydrate, brighten, or mattify skin, use Boscia’s Multi-Masking Medley ($18). The box includes four different masks to give you a flawless complexion after everything your skin has endured from midterms. Each mask is paraben and sulfate free, and they are easily peeled off for removal.

2. Bubble bath

Have the luxury of your own tub? Take advantage of it! We love LUSH's Big Blue Bath Bomb ($6.40); complete with sea salt and seaweed, it'll transport you to a Caribbean getaway. Filled with lavender and lemon oil, both your mind and body will be able to relax and unwind after those stressful midterms, and the moisturizing oils will leave your skin soft and hydrated. Ahhhh. 

3. Foot scrub

Eliminate dead, rough skin to make feet soft and smooth using Malibu Beach Pedicure Foot Scrub ($7.50). Massage into wet feet and rinse for exfoliated, beach-worthy feet. Follow up with Malibu Beach Pedicure Foot Cream ($7.50) to moisturize freshly exfoliated feet with avocado butter and give yourself the ultimate pamper.

4. Eye mask

We all know exam season means studying late into the night. And no sleep means dark circles under your eyes. Let’s be honest, no one wants that. Korres’ Cucumber Fresh De-Puffing Eye Mask ($16) contains cooling gel which helps to revitalize tired, puffy eyes. Cucumber refreshes and moisturizes the under-eye area, while anti-inflammatory chamomile and other ingredients reduce puffiness. Just a few minutes with this miracle product helps your face look totally refreshed—and you'll feel ready to take on the day.

5. Body butter

Long nights in the cold, arid library mean dry, cracked skin so what better way to cure it than with Shea Body Butter ($20). This thick, creamy lotion soaks right into the skin and leaves skin feeling smooth and soft for the rest of the day. Made with shea butter, this one has a deliciously nutty fragrance.

6. Hair mask

After having your hair up in messy top knots for days on end, your once-luscious locks are looking a little... lackluster. Bring some life back into your hair with Macadamia’s Deep Repair Hair Mask ($15.99), which will revitalize and nourish your damaged strands. The mask is filled with a plethora of oils, along with aloe and algae extracts, to improve elasticity and shine. 

7. Candle

Once you've settled into your masks and treatments or sunk into that warm bath, light a candle for a little comforting aromatherapy! It's fall, after all, so burn a Pumpkin Chai candle ($34) from Nest Fragrances to fill your room with that spicy fragrance we all love—and enjoy the spa day you so deserve!

How will you be pampering yourselves post-midterms, collegiettes?

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