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13 Reasons Emma Watson Is Our Hero


If you haven’t fallen in love with Emma Watson yet like the rest of the world has, you have some catching up to do. She's an inspiration to young women everywhere, the poster child for kid actors who haven't fallen of their rockers and basically the perfect human specimen. A list of Emma's good qualities could easily run on to over 100 things, but for your convenience, we've made a compact list of why Emma Watson should be your hero if she isn't already.

1. She played the smartest character in Harry Potter.

Not only did Emma Watson have a leading role in every single one of the movies in the Harry Potter franchise, she played one of the smartest people at Hogwarts and continuously showed us that being smart doesn't have to make you uncool. 

2. She's a really versatile actress.

We got the chance to see her American accent in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, her sense of humor in This Is The End and her provocative side in The Bling Ring. If you weren’t excited to see Emma play an overprivileged, undersupervised, sexy criminal in The Bling Ring, you’re lying to yourself and everyone around you.

3. She is the most multitalented a person can be.

Emma can scuba dive, do yoga and play field hockey. Is there anything she can’t do? The answer is no; she can literally do anything.

4. She helps out good causes.

She uses her celebrity status for good, supporting feminism with her famous speech to the UN, starting He for She and doing a free trade collab with People Tree.

5. She went to college.

Emma went to college, unlike most child stars do once they grow up. She attended Brown University and graduated after five years with a B.A. in English literature. She could have done it in four years, but she needed to take off two semesters to film a Harry Potter movie (#EmmaWatsonProblems, right?).

6. She was born in Paris, France.

If you had to pick the most fitting place for Emma Watson to have been born in, Paris would obviously be your number one choice. Only such an amazing city could produce someone like Emma. She lived there until she was five years old.

7. She tweets what we’re all thinking.

Emma totally gets us. She gets annoyed at the most mundane things like the rest of us. People talking at the movies? So annoying!

8. She rocks any haircut.

When we first heard that Emma Watson chopped all her hair off, we were a little unsure of how it would look on her. After we saw the pics of her with her fresh new pixie, however, we were so stunned at how she flaunted that cut like nobody’s business.

9. Her sense of style is unreal.

Emma Watson has managed to master the art of dressing completely classy while still keeping it pretty sexy. How does she do it? Seriously, Emma, how do you do it?

10. She appreciates her fans.

Emma is never one to shy away from meeting fans of any age. She loves to interact with her fans and truly appreciates their support.

11. She admits she’s awkward like the rest of us.

Whether or not we really see Emma’s awkward side, it’s nice to hear that she gets embarrassed and feels socially awkward sometimes, too.

12. She disregards silly rumors.

Emma calmly shoots down any rumors that are going around about her. Her direct way of approaching this is something we should all learn from.

13. She was featured in Teen Vogue when she was 15.

In 2005, Emma Watson was the youngest person (at the time) to ever be on the cover of Teen Vogue. At 16, she already knew how to strike a pose and was deemed worthy of being feautred in a major magazine. No big deal, right?

She’s pretty, smart, involved and everything we've ever wanted to be. Emma Watson is a daily inspiration for us, and we will continue to follow Emma and her career in the years to come.

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