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5 Halloween-Inspired Pieces You Can Wear All Year


It’s Halloween season (insert a resounding “haaayyyy”)! While we’re sure you’re hard at work planning your perfect costume, don’t forget that, at least in our minds, Halloween is really a month-long holiday. Though you may not want to dress up as Tinkerbell every day this month, you can definitely ease Halloween-themed items into your October wardrobe. These clothes, shoes and accessories are ones that you can wear all year—not just when the ghouls and goblins are out to play. Check them out below!

1. Teeny Skull Ring

Ring, $7.99, Etsy

This adorably tiny ring will amp up your October scare factor…without being too gory. After Halloweekend has come and gone, you can keep it wrapped around your finger. Skulls are chic, after all!

2. Purrfect Prints

Tank, $29, Urban Outfitters

Wear this muscle tank as an ironic costume (“I’m a cat. Duh.”) on All Hallow’s Eve and to your 9 AM chem class. Cats are cool any month of the year. Plus, this particular tee is an excellent conversation starter—chem cuties: come one, come all.

3. Scary Sweater

Sweater, $49.99, ModCloth

No doubt about it, this cozy sweater will incite some fright during the Halloween season. After October 31st, wear it to a late autumn bonfire or while you’re studying with your girlfriends. Studying = death? Just us?

4. Kitty Cat Ears

Cat ears, $13.33, ASOS

Cat ears are having a moment! Just ask Ariana Grande. Wear yours as a sexy kitty on Halloween, and then the rest of the year as an out-of-the-box accessory. They’re unique and chic—meeeow!

5. See No Evil (Eye)

Necklace, $48, Bauble Bar

Keep evil spirits at bay with this chic necklace, courtesy of Bauble Bar. Sure, it’ll be a great addition to your Halloween gear, but it's a statement piece you can wear with virtually any outfit. It’s a necklace you can rock whether it’s October or July. 

How will you rock Halloween styles after the holiday?

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