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6 Outfit Ideas for Fall Dates


The season of sweaters is fast approaching, and with it comes endless choices of cute, cuddly and super-stylish autumn outfits. Fall is also perfect season for picturesque dates: Think hayrides, pumpkin picking and so much more. Check out these outfit ideas for our all-time favorite fall dates.

1. Going to a Pumpkin Patch

Going to a Pumpkin Patch

Monki white shirt
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Charlotte Russe brown boots



Guess watch



VILA infinity scarve
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What better way to spend an afternoon with your campus cutie than to go to a pumpkin patch in the heart of fall? When planning your outfit for this type of date, be sure to wear clothes that you don’t mind potentially getting dirty or scuffed, as you’ll be perusing a patch for the perfect pumpkin and, if you’re lucky, even joining your date on a hayride or two!

For this kind of outing, we suggest a comfy and warm ensemble, such as leggings, boots and an oversized knit sweater. This look is low-key, simple and, most importantly, cozy. What more could you ask for when going pumpkin picking? Throw on a rose-gold watch and a knitted infinity scarf, and you’re good to go! Imagine you and your SO snuggling close together in your warm fall sweaters as you pick out the perfect pumpkin to carve—speaking of, perfect second date idea, right?

2. Apple Picking

Apple Picking


Topshop clothing



H&M super skinny jeans
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Laced booties



Topshop faux fur pom pom beanie
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Apple picking is an adorable date activity that promises totally Instagram-worthy pictures for you and your SO. This means it’s time to break out your favorite stylish fall pieces that are good for an extended walk through an apple orchard. Preparing for this type of date also means you get to play around with fall colors!

To achieve the perfect balance of simple shades and a pop of fall color on your apple-picking date, we suggest a chambray shirt and a pair of black jeans. A burgundy beanie and a similarly colored pair of boot socks tucked in a pair of tan, short booties are great options to spice up a low-key outfit. Feeling chilly? Try a vegan suede jacket. Together, this outfit is the perfect mix of charming accessories and outdoorsy fashion—perfect for an afternoon spent apple picking.

3. Hitting Up a Haunted House

Hitting Up A Haunted House

A haunted house is an autumn classic and can be a fun but casual evening date. Dressing warmly is not only a must for this late-night date, but also allows you to finally break out that adorable peacoat you’ve been wanting to wear all summer! Other fall classics like riding boots, colorful jeans and sheer, collared shirts are all great pieces for a cute, style-savvy outfit for this festive date.

4. Study Date

Study Date


Monki grey top
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Hue pantyhose




Fall season means school is back in full swing. Sure, that means homework and tests, but it also means you have another shot at a study date in the library with the cutie you’ve been crushing on. Keep your clothes somewhat casual; you don’t want your study partner to think you expect him or her to take you out for dinner right then and there! Some cute yet uncomplicated outfit ideas include a simple cardigan over a knit dress along with complementing fall-colored tights and a pair of super-cute ballet flats. Just think of how cozy you'll feel in this outfit, coffee cup in hand, going over your lab notes with your campus cutie!

5. Walking Through the Foliage

Walking Through The Foliage

Vero Moda long length cardigan
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Yellow shirt





H M white loop scarf
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Fall goes by quickly, so be sure to make the most of the outdoors before winter hits. If you and your SO or brand-new crush are unsure of what to plan for your next date, suggest a nature walk! Whether you go to a state park or blaze your own trail through the woods, a walk is a simple way to enjoy the magical colors that fall brings (and the fashion it calls for!). Plus, a nature walk is the perfect time to experiment with layering.

Some great go-tos for this romantic date include burgundy booties, a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and a vintage-inspired collared sweater. Add more to this look by throwing on a cream-colored scarf, a long cardigan and a pushed-down pair of socks. Layered to perfection, this outfit will make you pop against the fall leaves, and your crush won’t be able to look away!

6. Scary Movie Marathon

Scary Movie Marathon

Monsoon cotton dress



Monki shirts top
$32 - monki.com



Converse high top



H M belt
$6.46 - hm.com


If you’re looking to get in the mood for Halloween, there’s no better way than to spend a Friday night than watching horror films with your favorite cutie. If you’re looking to look your best and you’re on a budget, consider our favorite fall staple: a shirtdress. A shirtdress is versatile, so it's a great option for a collegiette looking to get the most from her money. It's perfect for a Halloween movie marathon with your SO because it’s flirty yet elegant, cute yet comfy and basically screams, "Cuddle me!" Grab your favorite festive flicks and look forward to some cuddling!

Look the part for those fab fall dates; nothing goes better with hot cocoa than style-savvy confidence, after all!


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