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The TikTok You Should Make Right Now According to Your Zodiac Sign


Well, I finally decided to join society and download TikTok. After endlessly scrolling through my For You Page, I’ve laughed until my stomach hurt, sent all my favorites to the group chat, and now I even hear the songs playing in my head before it hits the pillow.

On TikTok, you’ve probably seen the various challenges that range from funky dances to innovative recipes—but have you ever opened your phone camera and thought about filming one yourself? It can be tough to decide on where to start because there are so many, which is why I’ve come up with the best TikTok trends to try, based on your zodiac sign, of course.

Aries: Blinding Lights

Aries, you’re always down for a challenge, and one of the harder challenges on TikTok these days is #BlindingLights—a dance based on a song of the same name by The Weeknd. It's not easy, but it is fun, which is just what your energetic self needs right now.

Taurus: Recipes

Taurus, my sweet homebody. You are warmhearted and patient, which is why you’re going to love following these delicious recipe videos to feed yourself and your loved ones. From healthy snacks to the best junk food hacks, you’re going to have a blast. 

Gemini: Whipped Coffee

Geminis are loving all the random, viral internet content that quarantine season provides. And what better way to spend this time inside than by making whipped coffee? You will want to sip on this iced coffee while you enjoy alone time—or even make some for a buddy, because you know you love getting a compliment on your cooking. 

Cancer: I'm Just a Kid

Cancers are known for being very in tune with their emotions. While they go through and organize their photo albums, this nostalgic sign will have a great time recreating old photos and posting the old and new side by side! If you decide to turn this into a TikTok, make sure you pair the video with the classic Simple Plan song, “I’m Just a Kid.” Beware, seeing the old photo and the recreated one side by side might make you feel a little emo!

Leo: Outfit Check

Leo, you are so comfortable in your own skin, and people admire you for it! It only makes sense for you to share that creativity with the rest of us. Give us an #outfitcheck and the opportunity to emulate your style. 

Virgo: DIY Tie Dye

Virgos are practical and innovative, so it’s only fitting that you to try all the fashion hacks TikTok has to offer. This fun challenge in particular presents you with a brand new or improved item of clothing, and nothing could be more productive than that. Use bleach to dye your boring sweats and get an early 2000s lewk that would make Lizzie McGuire jealous.

Libra: Never Have I Ever

Libras are known for their fun personalities and stories! If you're a Libra, chances are you’ve lived a wild and exciting life. With all of us bored at home, we could use some entertainment—so Libra, please share those wild times with a game of “Never Have I Ever.” 

Scorpio: Egg Prank

Scorpios like to get a reaction out of people, and there’s no better way to do that than with a prank. Melt some chocolate, dip a raw egg into it, and add some colorful sprinkles for the full effect. Then, ask people if they want to try your chocolate covered strawberries… but beware, the results will be messy.

Sagittarius: Pasta Prank

As a Sagittarius, you have a great sense of humor, so why not try the pasta prank? Put a piece of dry pasta in your mouth, then ask somebody at home to crack your back. Once the moment comes, bite down on the pasta and prepare to scare the crap out of them. The reactions are priceless.

Capricorn: Plank Challenge

Capricorn, your rigor is admirable, and like Aries, you love a challenge. You appreciate the practical side of TikTok filled with life hacks, workouts, and recipes, which is why you will love doing the plank challenge. Once you get comfortable, kick things up a notch and step out of your comfort zone by sharing your progress to further motivate yourself! 

Aquarius: Presentation Night

Aquarius, it’s only fitting for you to host your own presentation night. Present on an underrated concept or idea to your family, and go all out. From “Binky Barnes from Arthur Deserves More Recognition” to “Why We Shouldn’t Be Overstocking on Toilet Paper,” your goal is to create the best slideshow ever, complete with transitions. If you find yourself getting super passionate about the cause, it’s either your humanitarian or quirky side showing… or both! 

Pisces: Flip the Switch

Pisces love to express enthusiasm, and you're always down to join in on the fun with your friends. The best TikTok challenge for you is #FlipTheSwitch, where you and a buddy dance in the mirror, and flip the (light) switch to reveal that you’ve swapped clothes and subsequent vibes! It’s essentially Freaky Friday, but on a whole new level.

At the end of the day, it's important to remember to have fun with TikTok. It’s not about the views, but about sharing your creative, humorous, and authentic self with the world. 

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