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18 Thoughts Every Girl Has at a Frat Party


We're not saying that fraternity parties are exactly like the scenes you see in the movies, but we are saying that they're some of the best parties you'll ever attend. Whether you're a senior who's well versed in frat-party shenaningans or a freshman stepping into a fraternity house for the first time, let the good times roll.  

1. "I'm way too sober for this."

No amount of pregaming prepared me for this.

2. "There are too many people in this house right now." 

Who are all of these people?!

3. "But I look hella cute, so I'm just gonna do my thing." 

Don't mind me; I'll just be right here looking fabulous. 

4. "What in the world did I just step in? Please don't be vomit, please don't be vomit, please don't be vomit..." 

It's probably better if I don't know. 

5. "What is in this 'punch'?"

If there is, I can't taste it.

6. "Woooohoooo!!"

Best. Night. Ever.

7. "Let's steal a composite!" 

I always hear people saying that they stole a composite.

8. "Never mind; those things are really heavy..."

How does anyone manage this?

9. "Oh, look. Drinking games I don't have the hand-eye coordination for but will play anyway."

A for effort, though. 

10. "Those girls are dancing on a table... Ugh, I will never dance on a table." 

God, why are girls so desperate?

11. *One drink later, dancing on the table.* "HATERS GONNA HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE." 

I'm the best dancer at this party. 

12. "Why did I think that it was a good idea to use the bathroom here?"

Can I catch a disease in here?

13. "Is my roommate hooking up with someone on that disgusting couch?" 

I'll make a mental note to remind her to shower tonight. 

14. "I need to Insta this." 

#somuchfun #partywithmygirls #bestnightever

15. "This couch is really comfy..." 

No one is watching, right?

16. "Is this guy I've been flirting with cute, or do I have on some serious beer goggles?"

I think he's cute. Do you think he's cute? He's cute. Definitely cute.

17. "I dont want to end up like that girl..."

My friends would never let me do that, right?

18. "Oh, well. You only live once, amirite?" 

The best four years of your life wouldn't be the same without one or two wild nights! 

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