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The 7 Guys Your Friends Will Date


Everyone knows that boyfriends come and go, but girl friends are forever. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to deal with the men who enter and exit your BFFs’ lives, whether your friends have had the same boyfriends since high school or are taking advantage of the abundance of guys at school. We’re pretty sure you’ll recognize all of these guys.

1. The High School Boyfriend

Okay, you are done hanging out with these two. For the last time, you don’t care what happened to that guy who was in their homeroom class. He Snapchats her sisters and gives her parents Christmas presents — this guy is your BFF’s #1 at school and at home. Not only does having this guy around ensure a conversation in which you can’t partake, but sometimes they also bring back their other high school friends for a weekend visit. Sounds like a fun night…

2. The Frat Bro

He’s all but got his letters tattooed on his forehead, and you’re pretty confused about how he has any time for her. If it’s time for rush, he disappears faster than Kim Kardashian’s baby fat. He’s got a calendar full of mixers, and he’s more than willing to raid your friend’s (and your) closets for the perfect outfit for his toga party or his ABC swap. Your friend has to learn his fraternity’s colors, and all of the brothers know her by name. She complains about the state of the frat house while her boyfriend works really hard on creating a multi-funnel beer bong.

3. The Bodybuilder

Forget about talking to him unless you’re ready to marvel at how much he can bench. He looks like an Abercrombie ad from the neck down, and your BFF buys him protein powder for every birthday and anniversary. Get ready for her to say, “Oh no, we’re staying in… he has to hit the gym Sunday morning.” You’re happy for her because he’s so attractive, but that kind of beauty comes with a price: listening to how much he bench presses, telling him that yes, his biceps look bigger and that there’s definitely protein in froyo…

4. The One Who’s Basically a Dad

Okay, he’s not a dad… yet. But he sure looks, acts and dresses like one. Wears polos and loafers, loves to grill, will tell corny jokes with no shame whatsoever — you know whom we’re talking about. You’re ready to let him raise your firstborn (and second-born, and third-born) children, but you’re not ready to Mr. Socks-and-Sandals take your BFF to her sorority formal unless he can pull off James Bond’s style (even with Mr. Bean’s jokes).

5. The One With the Perks

Sure, he’s a nice guy. But his SUV is really nice when you’re moving. Or his beach house is really, really nice when you’re trying to get away for the long weekend. And his econ notes are really, really, really nice when you’re trying to ace that midterm. Long story short: You like him, but you really like the other things about him. You just hope that your BFF actually likes him for his personality and not his family’s ski resort in the mountains.

6. The One Who’s One of the Girls

You’re fairly certain he has his own friends, but at this point, you can’t be positive. He’s friends with all the girls in your friend group, and he dresses impeccably. He’s always the one hanging around with you and your girlfriends when you’re trying to GNO, and he’s everything short of painting his nails with you — but your BFF is too nice to let him know that he’s overstaying his welcome. But hey, if he wants to mix the martinis, who’s going to complain?

7. The Nerd

He can be fun to hang out with on Friday night (he totally calculated the curve during beer pong), but you’re also glad to have an ally in your super-tough computer science class this semester. In fact, there are plenty of reasons why nerds make good boyfriends. He and your friend must talk about homework a lot, but he seems like the sweetest guy, even if sometimes you can’t understand what he’s saying. You’re willing to overlook the chemistry jokes in return for a really nice guy (and help with Python).

There are tons of different types of couples you’ll run into in college; you’re sure to know all of these guys by the time you graduate!

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