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Your College Social Life: Expectations vs. Reality


Being back at school is amazing - your friends live right down the hall, you love your classes, and you finally get to be #BackAtIt on the weekends with your best friends. But sometimes your social life in college is a little more Liz Lemon and a little less Animal House. Here are some of the expectations we had about our college social lives... and the harsh realities we actually faced.

Expectation: You will have classy bar nights with your girlfriends.

Reality: You will witness bizarre antics at a grimy frat party.

Expectation: You will look cute at every social gathering.

Reality: Aren't those the same yoga pants you wore yesterday?

Expectation: You will meet cute guys in that chemistry study group.

Reality: They are in a chemistry study group for a reason.

Expectation: You will totally keep in touch with that nice girl you met at office hours.

Reality: Two weeks later she looks vaguely familiar. Maybe.

Expectation: The guys you meet at parties will make great boyfriends.

Reality: You will never hear from them again unless it's past 12 a.m. and they're drunk.

Expectation: You and your friends will throw great parties in your room.

Reality: You maybe went a little too hard.

Expectation: You will go out every. Single. Weekend.

Reality: You have a boyfriend, and his name is food. 

Expectation: You love dancing when you go out.

Reality: How you feel is never how you look.

Expectation: You will face those former flings with a confident smile.

Reality: Just back away slowly and avoid eye contact...

Expectation: You will know every nook and cranny of your college town.

Reality: You walk for 10 minutes and miss the campus Starbucks.

Expectation: You will go to the meetings for every club in which you're involved.

Reality: The only club that trumps the Netflix Club is the Domino's Club.

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