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All the Delicious Food You’re Not Eating Unless You’re at Coachella


This piece has been syndicated from Her Campus UCLA.You can join a chapter at your school (or start your own!).

Move over Ariana Grande and Childish Gambino—we’re here for Coachella’s 2019 food lineup. Get your waistbands ready, because Cachella 2019 is a food lover’s paradise.

Everything from Korean BBQ to vegan ice cream to fancy grilled cheese sandwiches will be at Coachella for your hearty enjoyment. Read below for the COMPLETE NON-VIP FOOD LINEUP FOR COACHELLA 2019. Warning: you won’t be able to stop your mouth from watering.

1. Fat Dragon (General Admission) 

Located in Silver Lake, Fat Dragon provides a modern aesthetic to traditional Chinese food and tea. Their custom fortune cookies are a must try!!

2. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream (General Admission) 

Originally a New York City ice cream truck, Van Leeuwen has expanded across the nation into grocery stores and shops of its own. Committed to simplicity, Van Leeuwen provides scoops for milk-lovers and vegans alike!  

3. Hawkin's House of Burgers (General Admission) 

Located in Watts, Hawkin’s guarantees that their food is always fresh! Steroids and antibiotics are never welcome. 

4. Vegatinos (General Admission) 

A vegan spin on Mexican food! Vegatinos is committed to saving one animal at a time.

5. Konbi (General Admission) 

Located in Echo Park, Konbi serves delicious Japanese sandwiches, vegetable dishes and tea. 

6. Cheezus (General Admission) 

The Los Angeles based restaurant, Cheezus provides “Sandwiches Inspired By the Love Of Cheese." Cheezus always ensures that its ingredients are sourced from local farmers, pasture raised and organic. 

7. Sweetfin (General Admission) 

A poke restaurant located in Santa Monica. Their menu is 100% gluten free and can be enjoyed by both your vegan and vegetarian friends! 

8. Ramen Hood (General Admission) 

Located in Grand Central Market, Ramen Hood is a vegan ramen shop!

9. Ms. Chi (General Admission) 

Run by Chef Shirley Chung, Ms. Chi is a Chinese American restaurant known for its Mr. Chi Chinese spiced pastrami and scallion pancake sandwich and Jumbo Cheeseburger Potstickers.

10. Hanjip (General Admission) 

A contemporary Korean BBQ spot, Hanjip recently closed its Culver City location. Catch it one last time at Coachella! 

11. MatchaBar (General Admission) 

A café located in Los Angeles, MatchaBar aims to “share better energy with the world.” All its matcha is blended by a “chasi,” one of ten tea masters in the ENTIRE world!

12. LAMILL Coffee (General Admission) 

Located in Los Angeles, LAMILL serves expert-refined coffee and tea. 

13. Fuku (General Admission) 

A restaurant devoted to fried chicken, Fuku was founded by the brand Momofuku which was established by Chef David Chang. 

14. Tacos Lobos (Boardwalk) 

Run by Top Chef alum, Marcel Vignernon, Taco Lobos is located in Melrose. The restaurant is known for its organic handmade tortillas. 

15. Milk Box (Boardwalk) 

A boba and tea business that employs a unique business concept: CUSTOMERS PAY WHATEVER THEY WANT!! 50% of the sale price goes to staff who are encouraged to donate to charity. 

16. Seabirds (Boardwalk) 

A vegan restaurant that provides scrumptious classics such as nachos, French fries, burgers and tacos.

17. Salt & Straw (Boardwalk) 

Originally based in Portland, Salt & Straw now has locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle and Anaheim. Each location features unique “Classic Flavors.” L.A.’s include Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons, Chocolate Gooey Brownie and Roasted Strawberry coconut. 

18. Pressed Juicery (Boardwalk) 

Originally a tiny shop in Brentwood, Pressed Juicery has expanded nationwide and aims to bring “delicious, premium and nutritious juice to everyone.” 

19. Kogitown (Food Court) 

Founded by Roy Choi, the creator of the Korean taco truck, Kogitown features Choi’s favorite Korean-Mexican dishes, such as Kogi tacos and Chego rice bowls. 

20. Shake Shack (Food Court) 

A fast food burger chain from New York City, Shake Shack is ready to take on the West Coast! 

21. Wingman (Food Court) 

Similar to restaurants such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Wingman aims to bring Asian influences to chicken wings. Delightfully served in a red gingham cone, Wingman is perfectly Instagram-able.

22. PBJ.LA (Food Court) 

Located in Grand Central Market, PBJ.LA aims to bring an artisan twist to the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Menu items include the Chocolate Haze, Italian and Ol’ Fashioned PB&J’s. 

23. McConnell's Ice Cream (Food Court) 

Founded in Santa Barbara in 1949, McConnell’s has stayed true to its original recipe, established almost 70 years ago. TIME Magazine has even dubbed it “the best in the world.” 

24. Beer Belly (Beer Barn) 

For those 21 years and older, Beer Belly features serving and cultivating the appreciation for craft beers. They refuse to accept the stereotype that craft beer is only for hipsters who are trying to be ~different~. 

25. Square Peg (Beer Barn) 

A food lover’s dream, Square Peg provides gives a sophisticated twist to classic arcade food such as pizza and sandwiches. 

26. 800 Degrees (Beer Barn) 

Another pizza-themed restaurant, 800 Degrees makes all of their food inside of a woodfired kitchen. 

27. Trejo's Tacos (Beer Barn)

Anthony Bourdain approved, Trejos Tacos features classic Mexican food ranging from tacos to burritos to salads. Vegan options are also available! 

Coachella 2019 is surely going to be a hit! For all of those who were unable to get tickets, (myself included *sigh*) don’t be sad! Many of the food options available at Coachella are based right here in Los Angeles. Go out and try all the amazing food L.A. has to offer! This article can help serve as your L.A. foodie bucket list! Good luck on your journey to a food coma.

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