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5 Investment Items That Every 20-Something Girl Should Own


Creating a style that’s timeless, practical, and fashionable can be challenging on a college budget. However, investing in specific items that can be worn again and again makes it easy to cultivate a wardrobe you’ll love. In your twenties, it's so important to build a wardrobe that can go from day-to-night, work-to-fun, or any other occasion your busy AF life calls for.

Trust us: investing in style pieces is totally a thing and can actually be affordable if you strike the right deals and make a little room in your budget. Plus, investing in certain pieces is a sustainable way to shop by reducing your style eco-footprint (yay!). Here are 5 pieces to invest in if you're ready to spend a little extra cash on timeless pieces.

1. A good pair of jeans

Investing in a good pair of jeans can completely revitalize your wardrobe. While it seems easier or more sensible to just buy inexpensive jeans, splurging on quality helps keep them lasting longer. Plus, if your jeans are good quality, it’s easy to dress them up and make them work for different style areas in your life. Many style bloggers swear by Madewell jeans as a quality investment piece. Another good investment piece is a pair of good black jeans ($128, Madewell), since these can be dressed up or worn casually and compose tons of different outfits. Quality jeans retain their color for much longer and don’t wear out as easily.

2. A dressy coat



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A nice coat adds an extra touch of style and put-togetherness to every outfit. Especially in the winter, a quality coat that fits your style and personality adds so much potential to your wardrobe. When you’re shopping for a coat, look for pieces that are classic and unique, and be sure to do your research about quality! You want a coat that lasts and is worth the extra money. This camel-colored coat ($250, Everlane) has everything you need, from being a neutral color and good length to being extra long-lasting and able to be worn for years to come.

3. Quality sunglasses



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Everyone knows how important it is to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays, but what about your eyes? Aside from damaging your eyes, the sun also ages the area around your eyes, which already is one of the first signs of aging on your face. Protect yourself with a nice investment pair of sunglasses. Ray-Ban makes amazingly quality sunglasses that are stylish and protective, like these contemporary aviator-style glasses ($178, Ray-Ban).

4. Necklaces to accessorize



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A statement necklace changes the whole tone of a look. Contrary to popular belief, though, statement necklaces don’t necessarily have to be bold or large. Dainty jewelry, like this silver circle necklace ($49, Lele Sadoughi), draws the eye and makes a statement in a subtle way.

In a similar vein, it’s worth investing in a nice watch. Whether you’re bouncing from meeting to meeting or going for a night out with your friends, wearing a beautiful watch adds style in a practical and useful way. Fossil makes beautiful watches like this rose-gold one ($155, Fossil), perfect for adding a little bling to your look.

5. A nice handbag



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Designer purses don’t have to break the bank, but they do add tons of style, professionalism, and practicality to your look. Shopping for investment purses at stores like T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, and specific designer’s outlet stores makes these buys easier on your wallet. For cute, personalized, and unique bags, Kate Spade NY has great options, like this sweet bow tote bag ($158, Kate Spade NY).

We love a good deal, but sometimes, it's really worth it to invest and build up your wardrobe with reliable, practical pieces you'll be able to wear for years. By adding these pieces to your collection, you'll have the essentials you need for most of the occasions, for work and fun, you can think of! 

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