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What Guys Text vs. How Girls Interpret It


Ever receive a cryptic text from a guy?


What the hell is that supposed to mean?!

Honestly, to a guy it probably just means, "hey." But to us females, it could mean anything. We’ve all been there, overanalyzing the simplest text and inadvertently driving ourselves crazy. Check out these seven texts guys send that leave us wondering and our minds reeling.

1. What he says:


What you read:

“You’re not funny, and this conversation is physically painful for me.”

2. What he says:

“u up?” (3:04 a.m.)

What you read:

“No one else on the planet answered my text, so tonight is your lucky night, babe.”

3. What he says:

“Sorry I didn’t answer before, I passed out early”

What you read:

“Sorry I was out with girls way prettier and more interesting than you so I didn’t feel the need to waste my time answering your text.”

4. What he says:


What you read:

“I care so little about this conversation that I didn’t even read what you just texted me.”

5. What he says:

“My friend’s having a party tonight, you should come.”

What you read:

“I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day.”

6. What he says:

"heyy" (9:21 p.m.)

"sup" (9:26 p.m.)

"r u ignoring me" (9:34 p.m.)

"????" (9:47 p.m.)

What you read:

"Hey girl, answer my texts so I can murder you in your sleep later."

7. What he says:

“Want to come over, watch Netflix and get takeout?”

What you read:

“I love you, will you marry me?”

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