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9 Shirts With Sayings We'd Actually Wear

Sometimes when we’re walking around, minding our own business, we can’t believe the horrendous graphic t-shirts that people choose to put on their bodies (we’re looking at you, “Good Girls Love Bad Boys”). These silly shirts have made us lose all hope in the graphic tee in recent history, but lately we’ve come across a few here and there that we would actually wear.

These are the top tees with sayings that we wouldn’t be ashamed to flaunt in public. In our opinion, they’re actually pretty awesome.

1. It's Almost Like It's 2004 Again 

Our long-lasting, undying love for anything Mean Girls is reflected in this oh-so-classic quote. We like it because it doesn’t take itself too seriously (you may even wear it on a *gasp* Monday!) but gets across the point that pre-rehab Lindsay Lohan was probably the best thing that ever happened to America. Besides pre-2007 Britney, but that’s an argument for another day—and another shirt. (Brandy Melville, $25)

2. A Lil'Je Ne Sais Quoi

This shirt will do just fine, thank you very much. Add a little French flair to your wardrobe with this scoop neck muscle tee. It’s perf for throwing over a swimsuit or running a quick errand down the street. We like it paired with cutoffs to make it the ultimate summer cool-girl outfit. (Nasty Gal, $48) 

3. Black and White Issue

Cropped tees are totally in right now, and the simplicity of this one makes it a keeper. Plus, it has a really nice message! We’re all about following our hearts, so we’ll wear this one proudly. (Forever21, $14.80) 

4. Sugar Rush 

It’s no surprise that our sweet teeth over here at Her Campus are bigger than news breaking about Eva Mendes’ pregnancy. And sometimes, when we just want to get our sugar on, we don’t want to be interrupted. Enter this sassy tee by Madison & Berkeley. Seriously, sometimes a girl just wants to eat her donut in peace. (Nordstrom, $28) 

5. An Amicable Salutation

Feeling particularly friendly? You’re sure to get a lot of greetings when you’re sporting this comfy tank. Get ready to make some new friends and be willing to engage in conversations with strangers. Who knows? Maybe they’ll turn out to be awesome (just like your shirt!). (ModCloth, $22.99) 

6. 2004, Part Deux

We love Mean Girls so much that we couldn't help ourselves. This cozy tee puts a positive twist on the ubiquitous Regina George quote. We're obsessed because you can totally dress it down by wearing it en route to the gym, or pair it with a skirt and wedges and wear it out on the town. (H&M, $9.95) 

7. You Look Fantastique Today

Pardon our French, but you do seriously look fantastic today. A happy linen tee is sure to bring a positive outlook to your day, and maybe also brighten the day of someone else you pass by on the street. The cut of this shirt is ultra-classic (and, therefore, über-chic) and super cool. We’ll take one, please! (J.Crew, $42.50) 

8. USA Forever

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so the Fourth of July is over. So what? We’re still just as obsessed with the USA as we were when watching fireworks. To keep the patriotic spirit alive, don a cozy cotton tee and keep snacking on Bomb Pops. Loves it. (Shopbop, $33) 

9. Hyped Up

Believe the hype! This is a trend that we can get behind. You’ll look like a street style star when you rock this printed crop top. The tropical vibe will make you feel like summer is eternal (please? Please?) even when you rock it in the colder months. We love it paired with acid wash jeans straight from the 80s or a skater skirt, 90s style. Bring back the trends, ladies. Bring ‘em back. (ASOS, $38.11) 

Do you love these styles? Tweet us @HerCampus wearing your favorite graphic tee! 

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