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9 Nail Art Styles We Can't Believe Exist

We love nail art - but sometimes it goes a little too far. Check out the manicures we'd never let near our fingers below!
Duck Feet Nails
I mean - it's called duck feet. If that doesn't sound off the warning bells, I'm not sure what will. My question is, how the heck do you close your fingers? Won't your extra wide, aquatic-bird-inspired nails collide?
Stiletto Nails
Unless you're Rihanna, who probably doesn't have to lift a finger if she deigns not to, I would not advise you try this trend. I imagine that even airport security would consider these a threat to the public. The only useful thing these nails could do is potentially skewer fruit - who needs forks?!
Childhood Memory Nails
Don't get me wrong - I love my childhood memories, and that's what they should stay as: memories. I am not a proponent for resurrecting things like Barbie or SpongeBob on my nails and having them haunt me every time I look down at the keyboard.
Accent Nail Gone Rogue
I typically have an accent nail. Usually, it is my ring finger that gets a different color, a cool design, or maybe a metallic finish. A whole different shape? Now you've gone too far. 
Bejeweled and Bedazzled Nails
I only have one word for this: moderation. If you want to have one or two jewels on your nails for a little sparkle, go for it. If you plan on painting your nails with glue and dipping them into your craft box (read: all those left over ribbons, rhinestones, etc. from middle school), then proceed at your own risk.
Tacky Animal Printed Nails
Approach prints on your nails like the prints you'd choose while shopping for a new tank top. Leopard print can be chic, but leopard plus zebra? Well, you can see how well that turns out.
The Trashy French Mani
French manicures may be a classic, but they are not always chic. This design has been so overdone that it has left a bitter taste in our mouths. Better stick with that nude Essie color instead.
Faces On Nails
I love me some Queen Bey, but this is too much.
Neon Throw Up Nails
Neon lacquered nails are great for summer, but do not let your indecisiveness convince you to represent every color of the rainbow on your mani. Unicorn vomit is not trendy. 
Collegiettes, tell us which nail trends you just wish would GO AWAY - sound off below!

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