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15 Things Only Girls That Are Clingy But Chill Understand


You hate to brag, but TBH you’re the perfect woman. Every person you date can’t stop talking about how amazing of a girlfriend you are! The secret? You’re just the right combination of clingy and totally chill. It makes your time with your SO sweet and your time apart even sweeter. These are 15 things only you could understand.

1. You have a need to know where your SO is at all times

2. But you're totally chill if they don’t text you for a few hours or more

3. You can't help but still get jealous

4. But you don’t waste time stressing about it because you trust them so much

5. When you are together you want as much of their attention as possible

6. But when you’re not together you couldn’t care less

7. Stalking their social media is unheard of to you

8. Because they’re already your phone wallpaper and computer background

9. You miss them all the time

10. But you wouldn’t trade alone time or hangout sessions with friends for your SO

11. You are the queen of over analyzing everything they say

12. But give up after five minutes because that’s just too much work

13. You live to accommodate yourself instead of being at their beck and call

14. And you’re all about taking your relationship slow

15. Because you already know it’s going to last a lifetime, so what’s the rush?

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