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What You Should Wear to Every Type of College Party


Every college has parties regardless of whether or not it’s a “party school” — and with parties come outfit decisions! A skirt? A dress? Heels or sneakers? Don’t worry, most of us change our outfits a ton before deciding on the perfect combination to go out in. Hopefully, with the help of this guide, that perfect outfit choice will be much easier.

1. The House Party

House parties vary so much but one thing is for sure: make sure you’re comfortable. You’ll most likely be out late and around a bunch of people, so it will get extremely warm. When you feel good about what you’re wearing you’re more likely to enjoy yourself. The casual skirt look is so trendy right now especially when paired with a graphic or plain tee and sneakers.


The House Party



T shirt



Forever 21 crop t shirt



Topshop lace up skirt
$51 - topshop.com



Converse are one of the best sneakers to go with. They’re super versatile, comfy and a total classic that’ll last you a long time.

2. Pool Party


Pool Party



Obviously, for a pool party a swimsuit is necessary but there’s a few ways to have fun with this look and dress it up! Temporary tattoos are so cute and these metallic ones will definitely make you stand out. Try putting some on the part of your hair for a cool mermaid look.  A slip-on shoe is also a must for a pool party. One minute you’ll be in the pool and the next minute you’ll be at the BBQ so a simple shoe is important.

3. Formal

Formals are fun because you get to dress up and feel fancy AF while probably not having to worry about ruining any part of your outfit, unlike a house party where beer spillage is almost unavoidable.









Formals are also the event to wear heels to. Wedges are great because they’ll give your feet a little extra support.

4. Country Party


Country Party












Get ready to square dance the night away to some Luke Bryan while sporting plaid and your favorite cowgirl boots. Whether traditional or trendy, cowgirl boots are essential to this outfit! They’re fun to dance around in too. An oversized plaid flannel is perfect because you can pair it with any type of tee or tank or tie it around your waist if you want. They’re so soft too! Paired with some cutoff jean shorts or distressed jeans (cropped so you can show off those boots!) it makes for the best country outfit out there.

5. Frat Mixer


Frat Mixer




Frat mixers tend to be a little (or a lot!) more casual than a formal so sneakers are totally the move for this party. You can also never go wrong with a T-Shirt dress, especially this one from Target that’s only $10. If you want to go the pants route, jeans and a cute top are a solid choice. Throw on some accessories and you’re good to go!

The most important thing to remember when going to parties in college is to be true to your personal style. Everyone’s look is unique and that’s what makes dressing up and going out so fun! Make sure to top it off with a dose of confidence too, which is the most important accessory!

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