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7 Creative Ways to Dress Up a Pair of Sneakers


We would all be much more comfortable in our favorite pair of Nike Frees over heels or sandals, right? So what’s stopping you from wearing them all the time? Erase those images of Avril Lavigne circa the early 2000s from your head, because these looks are way cooler than that. Here's how to dress up your sneakers for everyday wear, no matter where you're headed.

With an LBD

Our Pick: Adidas Lite Racer Shoes

Since we know you already have one (or five) of these stashed in your closet, this outfit should be easy to complete. You can pair your LBD with basically any sneaker you have to create and effortless badass vibe.

With a Skort

Our Pick: New Balance 811 Print Trainer

No, not the kind of skorts we all bought at Limited Too back in the day, but the kind T-Swift has been known to rock from time to time. The practicality of a skort (no accidental flashing here) works well with the practicality of some tennis shoes.

With Something Shiny

Our Pick: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top

Sparkly outfits sometimes need to be toned down a bit. What better way to make your look more understated than with some casual kicks?

With Florals

Our Pick: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top

Contrasting flowery pieces with sporty sneakers sends the message that you aren’t just pretty, but chill AF too.

With Leather

Our Pick: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top

While pairing with a leather jacket would no doubt create a classically cool ensemble, why not go even edgier and wear some leather or faux-leather pants? The pants paired with easy sneaks makes for a sleek, cool look.

With Athletic Wear

Our Pick: Nike Women’s Free TR 5

This might seem like a no-duh suggestion, but lately, especially on college campuses, athleisure looks have become quite stylish. With the right pair, the look can really become something cool. Luckily, we live in the day and age where leggings are perfectly acceptable as pants so you should already have everything you need to pull this together.

With a Tutu

Our Pick: Adidas Neo Raleigh High-Top Sneakers

First, you'll actually have to buy a tutu, but after that, sneakers will nicely contrast the super girly piece. After all, ballet flats would take the look a bit too literally.

With these ideas, you truly do not have to trade comfort for style. Whoever said that sneakers were just for running or denim cutoffs probably just weren’t cool enough to pull this off, but we know you can!

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