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27 Signs You're a Real Adult 


We get it—everyone who's 18 years and older is technically an adult. However, there's a big difference between being an adult by default and actually acting like an adult. Twitter has noticed the difference between real adults and those of us who are struggling, so many people have been contributing to the #YoureARealAdultWhen hashtag. Beyond the obvious, these 27 things set real adults apart from those of us who are still struggling to figure out how to adult. 

1. You restrain yourself from impulse buying the whole store (even if there's a massive sale)

Now you only have a two-item limit. Okay, it’s really a seven-item limit. Don’t judge.

2. You've stopped eating foods that make you feel like shit

Seriously, eating three quarter pounders sounds painful. Not today indigestion, not today. 

3. You don’t burn water anymore

You just make overcooked pasta now.

4. You have a consistent skincare routine

Even if you aren’t sure it’s doing much of anything to prevent your impending wrinkles, at least you have a routine that you’re committed to. Because everyone needs to be committed to something, right?

5. You actually don’t mind having nothing to do

No plans, no problem! Seriously, you just had a girls' night like a month ago. Who cares about FOMO?

6. You own more blazers than crop tops

Loft and Ann Taylor are your new favorite stores. Hello, internship!

7. You don’t feel the urge to puke during an interview

Now you just feel queasy immediately afterward. That’s an improvement, right?

8. You actually schedule your medical appointments

Rather than just accepting the fact that your shoulder clicks every time it moves.

9. Going back to bed is the highlight of your day…

Is there anything better than laying down in your bed after a stressful day of errands?

10. …and you actually go to bed at a reasonable time

If sleep is for the weak, then you’re all right with being weak.

11. You don’t feel the need to text your ex every time you sip some wine

Even "tipsy you" knows that your ex was an asshole.

12. You can no longer keep up with the Kardashians

Seriously, there’s like 20 of them—way too many to keep track of.

13. You have to Google new trending terms

Cushioning, ghosting and haunting aren’t new things—the media has just named them. Is there a Dating Terms 101 class we can take? 

14. You have hobbies other than Netflix

Which makes it easier to fill out those online dating bios.

15. You don’t need to call your mom before you do laundry

Gone are the days of “What temperature do I need to put my delicates on? Or can I just buy new underwear every week?”

16. You actually write a cover letter, even when it’s optional

How else is your potential employer going to know you can fit 17 tater tots in your mouth and why that’s pertinent to a social media manager position?

17. You stand up for what you believe in

And actually contribute to your cause, whether it's retweeting hundreds of activism posts or attending a dozen protests.

18. You actually start to like salad (that isn’t submerged in ranch)

Okay, maybe you don’t like it, but you at least tolerate it. It just feels healthy.

19. You actually like going to work

Even if you don’t love your job all the time, you kind of enjoy it.

20. You’re actually starting to think about settling down

Even if you’re just thinking about settling down with your puppy on the couch while you read a memoir.

21. You definitely don’t miss going to frat parties

Deafening music mixed with creepy guys grinding up on you? Can I take a rain check for never?

22. You don’t drink just to get drunk anymore

Seriously, who wants to risk vomiting and being hungover the next day? You might still have thousands of dollars in student loan debt, but at least you can sip a beer and be content with that.

23. You realize that therapy isn’t a bad thing

I mean, why would something so beneficial for literally everyone be considered negative?

24. The idea of a home/apartment project excites you

No, crafting doesn't count. Mod podge doesn’t compare to building a shelf.

25. You actually make a grocery list before heading to the store

Now you can’t use your lack of preparation as an excuse for why you bought everything on aisle 12.

26. You know the difference between going on a real date and “hanging out”

And you stop trying to convince yourself that Netflix and chill is anything more than that.

27. When you willingly wake up early in the morning

Maybe you just want to enjoy your tea before your housemates wake up, or maybe you’re trying to finish that novel you’ve been drafting since 7th grade. Regardless, you actually want to wake up before sunrise.

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