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The 21 Worst Things Professors Can Say on the First Day of Class


The first day of class is a time of change and first impressions. First time in a new classroom, first time meeting your future classmates and, perhaps most importantly, the first time meeting your new professor. While this entire process can be exciting, it can also be extremely frustrating. Here are some of the worst things you could hear your professor say on the first day of class.

1. "Attendance will be mandatory."

2. "No electronics are allowed in class."

3. "Homework is graded on correctness, not completeness."

4. "You will need to bring your clicker to every class."

5. "The final is cumulative."

6. "Expect pop quizzes throughout the semester."

7. "Working in groups is a large part of this course."

8. "An A is 95 percent or higher."

9. "Never expect class to be cancelled for any reason, including weather."

10. "The course is not an easy A."

11. "Participation points will affect your overall grade."

12. "Don't expect to have seen this style of teaching before."

13. "You'll be here for the full length of every class."

14. "There will be no extra credit."

15. "You'll need to purchase all the textbooks listed."

16. "I'll start teaching today."

17. "Please don't bring food to class. It's distracting."

18. "Your grade is based entirely off of exam grades."

19. "Let's start off the semester with an icebreaker."

20. "In fact, stand up and introduce yourself in front of the entire class."

21. "Many of you will end up dropping this course. Good luck."

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