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A Definitive Ranking of the Most Annoying 'Game of Thrones' Characters


We all know about the mania surrounding the hit HBO show Game of Thrones. And if you're one of its millions of fans, you're dying to watch it each week, waiting to see who will be killed off next and who will win the Game of Thrones. Though we've met a lot of great characters, we've also met a lot of terrible ones we just wanted to throttle. Here's a definitive ranking of those annoying characters, and obviously, there are tons of spoilers ahead.

23. Ned Stark

His was the first death that really mattered and was what really got the plot going, but honestly, it could have been avoided if he hadn’t been so determined to tell the truth. He was a man of truth, but it was so frustrating watching him say goodbye to his chances of surviving for the sake of his family, at least, all because he refused to keep his mouth shut.

22. Robert Baratheon

If only he would have stopped drinking and sleeping with other women long enough to see what a manipulative liar his wife really was and see the truth that Ned figured out on his own, Westeros would be a better place. Too bad that boar got the best of him.

21. Bran Stark

Ever since he became the Three Eyed Raven, Bran has been detached and downright cold to the people he once loved. Plus, he could be less creepy about the fact that he sees all—like when he told his sister Sansa that he basically watched Ramsay abuse her. Creepy.  

20. Sansa Stark

Sansa’s place on this list mostly accounts for her first couple seasons, especially when she had a blind crush on Joffrey and didn’t see him for the sociopath he was. Once she realized he was actually the worst person in Westeros and stopped defending him, she started redeeming herself. But I’ll never forget that she got Lady killed.

19. Jaime Lannister

First, his relationship with his sister is totally creepy. Second, he’s the reason Bran is a cripple. Third, he keeps justifying his sister’s actions when she’s obviously on her way to becoming the next Mad Queen, if she’s not already there. Open your eyes, man.

18. Ygritte

I will forever ship her with Jon Snow, but it was kind of annoying how she expected him to forget the vow he made to the Night’s Watch and run away into the sunset with her and the other wildlings. Plus, she shot him with a ton of arrows and that was pretty rude. RIP Ygritte.

17. Oberyn Martell

He was SO CLOSE to killing the Mountain in Tyrion’s trial by combat, but because he couldn’t stop running his mouth during the fight to try to get him to apologize for killing his sister, he got his skull bashed in. SO CLOSE.

16. Talisa Stark

Her romance with Robb was sweet and all, but she had a holier-than-thou attitude at first, and her love affair with Robb got him and his mother killed at the Red Wedding. You didn’t think the Freys would have a problem with you showing up on their doorstep after stealing Robb away? Really?

15. Robb Stark

As much as we all love the Starks, the fact is Robb was an idiot for breaking his promise and marrying Talisa instead of the Frey girl he was promised to. The Red Wedding was brutal, but what kind of idiot thinks that bringing his hot new wife to the Frey wedding that was supposed to be his own was going to go well?

14. Roose Bolton

He fought for the Starks at one point but betrayed them in the worst way at the Red Wedding, changing sides when it seemed convenient. Plus, he’s the reason Ramsay exists, which is bad enough. You shouldn’t have reproduced, man.

13. Theon Greyjoy

Theon was okay until he betrayed the Starks, and although he was definitely more than adequately punished for his betrayal and is still suffering the consequences of Ramsay’s torture, he was still really annoying and cocky for a while.

12. Tywin Lannister

Was there ever a time when he was actually nice to his kids? As bad as Cersei is, it was annoying seeing him look down on her because she was a woman when she’d proved she was more than capable enough to be treated like a man, and don’t even get me started on how he treated Tyrion for being a dwarf. I’m pretty sure the only sibling he actually liked was Jaime.

11. Stannis Baratheon

He did have a claim to the throne, but his biggest mistake was trusting the witch Melisandre and basically screwing over everyone he loved until his death. Plus, what kind of asshole kills his brother and his only daughter to get to the throne?

10. Melisandre

Speaking of Melisandre, she spent several seasons manipulating Stannis and then casually burned a child at the stake—ALIVE—as a sacrifice to her god. Oh, and when she takes off her necklace she looks like she’s actually hundreds of years old, so that’s weird, too.

9. Ellaria Sand

As much as I hate Cersei, going after her daughter, who was completely innocent and in love with the prince from Dorne, was completely uncalled for and got Ellaria’s own daughter killed. Her attitude after watching Oberyn get killed—not murdered as she said because he willingly partook in a trial by combat—was frustrating to watch, as was her insistence on declaring war on King's Landing.

8. Shae

Not only did she break Tyrion’s heart, but she also cruelly betrayed him when he would have done anything to keep her safe and made him out to be a murderer. She got what was coming to her when he got his revenge. No ragrets.

7. Euron Greyjoy

He hasn’t even been on the show as long as most of the people on this list and he’s already more annoying than most of them. He gets props for that, but it doesn’t do anything for his terrible, arrogant personality.

6. Viserys Targaryen

He sold his sister off to Khal Drogo in his efforts to reclaim the Iron Throne and was such a jerk to Danaerys—and in general—that when he had molten gold dumped on his head as a “crown,” no one actually felt sorry for him. There’s your precious crown, Viserys.

5. The High Sparrow

No one sums up the holier-than-thou attitude better than the High Sparrow. It was Cersei’s fault he rose to power, but it was frustrating to watch him use religion to punish people for their “sins” and especially for trying to protect their families.

4. Littlefinger

Nothing was more enjoyable than watching Jon throttle him for being such a creep. He was in love with Catlyn for years, and when he couldn’t have her, he set his sights on her daughter, Sansa, pretty much as soon as she hit puberty. He may not be the most annoying on this list, but he’s definitely the creepiest.

3. Cersei Lannister

While you would think Cersei’s worst traits are her evilness and lack of morality, her overconfidence in herself is actually more annoying than all of the horrible things she’s done to people. She believes no one can bring her down and thinks she’s more clever than she actually is, which will make her (hopeful) downfall that much sweeter.

2. Ramsay Bolton

Ramsay was a lot like Joffrey and delighted in torturing people, but he was less of an insufferable brat, which made him just barely miss the top spot on this list. With the horrific things he did to Theon, Sansa, his own family and who knows how many other people, no one was sad to see his own dogs eat him while Sansa watched.

1. Joffrey Baratheon

The number one spot on our list is the one person everyone was happy to see die, even if his death by a poison called the “Strangler” was pretty gruesome. Joffrey was most likely a clinical sociopath and lived for seeing people get hurt, especially if it was by his hands, and he got away with everything just because he was a prince and then a king. Honestly, good riddance, you little brat.

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