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10 Back-to-School Crafts You'll Actually Want to Make


There are many wonderful things about fall, like pumpkin patches, haunted houses, warm apple cider and spiced cinnamon lattes. And then there’s the inevitable back-to-school shopping. Because despite all of our wishful thinking otherwise, fall semester is right around the corner and it’s time to start preparing for classes.

Whether you’re embarking on another university year or just now registering for your first college core classes, one thing is certain: college can be expensive. However, with the right attitude and some Modge Podge, it doesn’t have to be. Give some of these DIY school supplies a try and save the rest of your earnings for tuition and textbooks.  

1. Apple Prints

Sometimes all you need is an apple and some acrylic paint to make your teachers believe you're ready for class. Simply cut an apple in half, dip it in some funky paint and stamp the apple to a white surface to create a classic aesthetic. Decorate paper book covers, white tote bags or even brown paper bags for homemade lunches. 

2. Piano Hinge Notebook

This year, make an effort to stay organized by putting together this neon piano hinge notebook. It may look complicated, but with flashy folders and bamboo skewers, this notebook is sure to keep everything in its place. 

3. Felt Cutout Writing Pouch

If you consider yourself a dedicated artist or writer, you probably will need a reliable case for your writing instruments. This felt cutout pouch will take you five minutes to make and is easy to transport. The best part is when wear and tear inevitably happens, it's easy to create another one. 

4. Pink Eraser USB Flash Drive

Not only is this all-in-one eraser and flash drive a multi-purpose idea, but it camouflages your USB so nobody will steal any of your important documents. Plus, you'll always remember which flash drive is yours. 

5. Adorable Agenda

Let's face it: writing down assignments on your arm with a Sharpie is so high school. Start college serious by investing in a daily planner. Then, unleash your unique style by personalizing it. In her video, Hannah Ashton provides some fun decorating and organizing tips for any agenda including washi tape, pockets and stickers. 

6. Portable First Aid Kit

A first aid kit might not immediately come to mind when packing a backpack, but rest assured it will come in handy. This patterned pouch is perfect for storing everyday health necessities like cough drops, Midol, chapstick, tissues and much more. You'll be prepared when flu season rolls around. 

7. Notebook Sewn Canvas Tote

If you have basic sewing skills and a white canvas tote bag, get yourself ready for school by embroidering a loose leaf design guaranteed to make you reminisce about grade school days. A sewing machine will cut the project time in half, but hand-stitching works just as well. 

8. Gingham Utensils Pouch

Another practical and adorable way to keep track of all of your miscellaneous pens, highlighters and pencils. This is the most intensive DIY project on this list, but if you're up to the challenge and have "sewing" listed under your resume's special skills section, you'll be delighted with the results and your friends will take notice, too. 

9. Happy Thoughts Pencils

We've all had one of those exam days where we maybe weren't feeling so hot. Who better to give you a confidence boost than yourself, with happy thoughts pencils? Use pastel-colored acrylic paint to dress up your boring No. 2 pencils and a fine-tipped Sharpie or stamps to create motivational messages. 

10. No-Sew iPad Case

Keep your iPad or tablet safe with this no-sew case reconstructed from a bubble mailer envelope. All you need are fabric fragments, a few buttons and some thread to pull off this quirky electronics carrier.   

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