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19 Times Starbucks Failed Miserably at Spelling People's Names


You might think Starbucks is known for its delicious coffee drinks, but no. The company is actually known for misspelling names. Sometimes the mistakes are warranted; other times, not so much. Here are 19 of their biggest name fails.

1. Eileen?

I knew I was having a bad hair day, but do I really look that bad?

2. Oliver?

Thanks for being subtle, Starbucks. I know my life is "all over" the place. You don't have to remind me.

3. Molly?

Would this be pronounced "mole-y"?

4. Bianca?

It shouldn't be that hard to spell.

5. Christian?

There are a few different ways to spell Christian. "Kris Chin" is not one of them.

6. Penelope?

Ms. Cruz would not approve.

7. Jessica?

I'm going to guess (or gess) that you spelled that wrong. 

8. Meredith?

The barista put way too much effort into this. 

9. Kendall?

LOL I'm a candle.

10. Brooke?

I'm broke, too, tbh.

11. Yoko?

Meanwhile, this barista couldn't even be bothered to write the name on the actual cup.

12. Chad?

YIKES. I just really don't think anyone would name their kid Shat.

13. Tracy? 

It's just not that hard to spell. Have you even seen Hairspray?

14. Marc?

This isn't rocket science. 

15. Felicia?

That's a first.

16. Kimberly?

Well, that's creative AF. Is it French?

17. Virginia?

That would be awkward to call out loud.

18. Elliott?

GUYS, so extra.

19. Shelby?

I give up.

Has Starbucks done you wrong? Tweet us your Starbucks flubs @HerCampus.  

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