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16 Things You Wish Someone Had Told You About Your Freshman Dorm


You're beyond excited to move away from home, become best friends with your roomie and decorate your first dorm. You may have gone on five campus tours, but you still won't be prepared for living in a freshman dorm. Here are 16 truths about college living that you won't realize until you move in. 

1. Trying to fit all your furniture and decor into your room will make you hate the back-to-college sections at stores

They make you think dorm living will be fun and adorable, so you bought four storage containers, a tapestry and an ottoman to put in a room that is hardly big enough for two twin XL beds.

2. Once you manage to make your room look somewhat cute, it will last for approximately one week

 Let's be real—when you get ready in the morning, you throw everything on the floor.

3. Living with roommates isn't always a party

Sometimes it's a lot of fun, but when one of you has an 8 a.m. class, sharing a room is a struggle. 

4. Sometimes your roommate will abruptly turn the light on when you're trying to sleep

It's not like you're that high maintenance, but it's 3 a.m. and you're trying to sleep.

5. But you also understand how difficult it is to pick out an outfit when your roommate is sleeping

I'll just pick out today's look in my pitch-black room. NBD.

6. Or put on your makeup

Mascara in the dark, anyone?

7. Not to mention the awkwardness when your roommate has someone stay the night without telling you

I'll just sleep on the floor outside and leave the books I need for class in our room then ????

8. It seems like you can hear EVERYTHING through the walls

People are having sex, moving their furniture, talking to their roommates or just plain coughing next door.

9. Eating the same cafeteria food every day will make you think instant noodles can be a quality meal

Your meal plan gets old real fast.

10. Sometimes you just want alone time, but you realize being alone is nearly impossible when you live in a dorm

The library is full, your roommates are in your room, and a bunch of people from your floor are in the lounge playing games and making food.

11. The community aspect of living in a dorm usually comes with some drama

You all live a little too close to each other and spend just a little too much time together. Dormcest is a thing, guys. 

12. Some people in your dorm might be a little clingy

If you don't go to your floor meeting or a hall event, people in your dorm building will confront you about it. 

13. And it seems like too many people know your business

Do you have lives?

14. Every time you want to do your laundry, every single machine in your building is full

Seriously, do these people do laundry ALL THE TIME?

15. A surprising number of freshmen don't seem to know how to make microwave popcorn

And you have to go outside in the middle of the winter, wearing nothing but a towel, because the fire alarm went off while you were in the shower. It happens.

16. But whether you love it or tolerate it, dorm life adds some great stories to your college experience

At least it's interesting…

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