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16 Things Every Barely Functioning Twentysomething Will Understand


Your twenties are an awkward phase when you can legally drink but you also have no clue how taxes work. It's a rite of passage into adulthood. While everyone is different, there are 16 things every twentysomething goes through. 

1. You still rely on your mom for almost everything

Mom, what’s a tax exemption?

2. You know how to save money…sort of

Hidden talent: making $2 last for three weeks.

3. Google is your life coach

"How to instantly become rich"

4. Sometimes you wish you were a child again

Now I kind of regret all those missed naptimes in kindergarten.

5. But you also feel like a middle-aged person at times

Friday night parties? Nope, I’m perfectly content with drinking an entire bottle of white wine while watching home improvement shows.

6. Student loans

Enough said.

7. You experience your midlife crisis a little early

What am I doing with my life exactly?

8. You feel left behind sometimes

All your friends seem to be getting married and having babies while you’re still grasping the basics of Tinder.

9. But you also value your freedom

No need for a babysitter!

10. You haven’t quite conquered the art of home-cooked meals yet

French fries count as a vegetable, right?

11. You have a love/hate relationship with your roommates

They’re kind of like your best friends but also your enemies.

12. Your bills are just flat out disrespectful

Me paying rent every month.

13. A full night’s sleep is considered a luxury

Eight hours? But that’s cutting into my Netflix time.

14. You reward yourself for successfully #adulting

You made your own doctor's appointment! Time to celebrate with a Caramel Frappe.

15. You want to do everything

Ooh, I should major in biology! But I also love writing. And math is pretty cool too…

16. Time moves by much faster now

Suddenly you wake up and realize it’s been five years since you graduated high school.

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