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19 Things Only People With Unique Names Understand


Having a unique name is both a blessing and a curse, but mostly a curse. When your name is uncommon it comes at a price, and if you happen to be part of the club, you'll definitely be able to relate. 

1. The annoyance that comes with having to listen to people continuously mispronounce your name.

2. Having a mini heart attack when a restaurant hostess asks for your name.

3. Immediately raising your hand as soon as there is a pause in the roll call.

4. Automatically spelling out your name when someone asks for it.

5. Repeatedly asking your parents if they're positive we've been pronouncing it correctly.

6. Getting asked if we're foreign.

7. The feeling of having a complete stranger pronounce your name correctly on their first try.

8. When you correct someone’s mispronunciation and they continue to say it wrong.

9. Giving a fake name to the Starbucks barista.

10. That time when Coca Cola started the name campaign...

11. Never being able to find a cute souvenir with your name on it.

12. And knowing that your name isn't here, but still looking for it just incase.

13. Cellphones refusing to recognize your name as a word.

14. People thinking its a typo.

15. Microsoft Word underlining your name with that annoying red line.

16. When the only thing you can find about your name’s meaning is on Urban Dictionary.

17. Or not even being able to find it on Urban Dictionary.

18. Having your own family occasionally mispronounce or misspell your name.

19. You occasionally misspell it.

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