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17 Things Only Thirsty Girls Will Understand


The thirsty girl values romantic and sexual attention above all else, but there's nothing wrong with that! It just means you know what you want, and you aren't afraid to spend your time obsessively trying to get it. Whether it's seeking a boyfriend or a hookup, here are 17 things that only the thirstiest of thirsty girls can relate to. 

1. "UGH I want a boyfriend" is pretty much your catch phrase

2. There are days when your only motivation to leave the house is to meet someone

3. You would be embarrassed to admit how many dating apps are on your phone

4. Alcohol has been known to increase your thirstiness by 1000 percent

5. But you don't like to be called "easy" (even if you kind of are)

6. Even when a guy is super interested in you, you try to keep you options open

7. And you know how to drop a hint or two when you're interested

8. Your friends are familiar with your thirsty lifestyle

9. They're always excited to hear your crazy story from last night

10. You have countless flirty conversations saved on your phone

11. And a set of tried-and-true pick up lines at the ready

12. Sometimes you realize that enough is enough and you need to be stopped

13. Which usually happens when you REALLY like a guy

14. You're constantly worried that he will find out about your thirsty past

15. But when things get serious you realize that you're not about that relationship life

16. Because you. Want. Everyone. 

17. The thirsty life is the only life

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