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19 Words of Wisdom All Single Girls Have for Their Friends in Relationships


Any reputable online love advice column will tell you to never take advice from your single friends. But why not? Your single BFF may have more relationship experience than you’d imagine—or at least have some good tips on how to have fun and stay young. Here are 19 words of wisdom all single girls have for their #taken friends.

1. Love yourself first and foremost

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How can you expect to fully love someone if you don’t learn to love yourself first? Never underestimate me time.

2. Slow down, girl

What's the rush?! Love isn’t a race, so think things over before you start dress shopping and cake tasting.

3. Learn everything about each other

If you can live with his insane snoring at night, then he can live with your ever-growing collection of lipsticks that are slowly taking over the apartment.

4. Let him breathe!

We know you love spending time with him, but trust me, he'll still be there if you come shopping with me instead.

5. Food cures all

Boyfriend is mad at you? Feed him. He's sad because he failed an exam? Feed him. His mom doesn't like you? Feed her, too.

6. And wine, lots of wine

Don't forget to pour yourself ~one~ glass and unwind after a long night. You're never too old for fun.

7. Communicate with him like you would with me

Say what you mean and mean what you say. That means no passive-aggressive shade throwing. Sorry.

8. NEVER skip our girls' night out

You better always make time for drinks with the girls!

9. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side

So what if Ashley's boyfriend is taking her to get seven for $27 panties from Victoria's Secret? It doesn't mean your relationship is any less fun or spontaneous.

10. Stop trying to be #RelationshipGoals

Let’s be honest—that couple that you’re envying on Instagram is nowhere near as perfect as they seem. Learn to enjoy each other’s company without inviting all 1,643 of your Instagram followers to join the relationship.

11. "Date" his friends

No, not literally. Take time and get to know his friends (and help a sister out with those matchmaking skills of yours). Who knows, you might actually enjoy going out to frat parties and playing beer pong every once in a while.

12. Save your sass for me

Pick your battles wisely. Just because he believes Empire is a better show than Power doesn't mean it's time to start World War III. 

13. Appreciate the little things

Because being single means I don't always have someone to bring me my favorite ice cream when I'm cramming for finals in the library.

14. Never replace me with him

Don't you DARE do this to me.

15. Get used to the occasional boring night

Yeah, dinner and a movie is nice, but get used to a lot of nights of him trash talking on the PS4 while you’re in bed watching makeup tutorials. Just sayin'. 

16. But remember how to party like us single ladies

Let loose once in a while!

17. Sometimes you might want to experiment and have fun...

Being single has its perks.

18. ...but it's not all that it's cracked up to be

^ no longer you

19. Expose your true self to him

Let him see the you that I know and love. I'm talking full-on sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no makeup on. 

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