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7 Beauty Essentials to Shop This Fourth of July


We love celebrating Independence Day, but being out by the pool or in the backyard barbequing can take quite the toll on a girl's beauty routine. These products will be sure to keep your fresh, bright and protected for whatever the Fourth may throw your way. 

1. Come to Bed Red Nail Polish ($15.00 at butter LONDON

A bright red nail is so necessary for completing your patriotic look. 

2. Shore to Please Beach Girl Hair Refresher ($22 at Kerabotanica)

This refresher keeps your hair safe from UV rays and also smelling amazing AF. 

3. Facial SPF ($24.99 at Mad Hippie)

If you want to go all natural, this SPF is the only choice for you.

4. True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator ($12.99 at L'Oréal)

Fireworks aren't the only things supposed to shine on the Fourth. Your skin should too!

5. ReFINISH Dry Shampoo ($17 at ARROJO)

Having dry shampoo handy is crucial if you're going to be spending any time at the pool or beach. 

6. Sugar Sport Treatment Sunscreen SPF ($25 at Fresh)

We usually think of skin protection, but always forget lip protection! Use Fresh because sunburnt lips are the worst. 

7. Float On Giant Innertube ($24 at ban.do)

A stylish innertube is a must for anyone looking to compliment their Fourth of July beauty look, tbh. 

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