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Her Campus’s Father’s Day Gift Guide 2014


Newsflash: Daddy’s little girls are still expected to spoil their fathers on June 15. Seriously though, this is your day to thank your dad for always cheering you on, helping you with anything from putting together your dorm furniture to getting to your internship on time, and for being there for him when you need him most. So write him a card, get him one of the great gifts suggested below, and then spend the day with your dad (and we’d venture to guess he’d be through the roof if you didn’t text through the whole thing).  

Cards Against Humanity

If your dad is borderline (or just completely) inappropriate at times, you’ll be able to one-up him with this party game. Warning: you will be uncomfortable playing it with him at times, so make sure you both can handle it! $25


Is Dad a gimmick guy? A beer guy? Here is your perfect gift: sunglasses with beer opening arms. Yes, seriously. He’ll be rocking these all summer long and impressing with everyone with your creative gift from Brewsees. $30

Grilling Gloves

Keep your dad safe during grill season with these personalized grilling gloves (seriously, personalize them – he’ll be impressed!). $30

Letter Opener

Personalized gifts are great, and this one is subtle enough for dad’s office. Snap a picture of you, you and your siblings, or you and dad and create a fancy pewter letter opener with it on PlanetJill. Totally useful and always in his hand! $32 


Away from your dad on Father’s Day? Consider sending him delicious cookies from Cookie Good. We love Caramel-Pretzel-Chocolate-Chunk and if your dad has a sweet tooth, we bet he will too! $32

Engraved Winston Shave Set

You can’t go wrong with a classy shave kit, like this engraved razor handle, blades and shave cream. The high quality package from Harry’s will impress your dad (who knew you were knowledgeable about a nice shave?!). $40

BBQ Dinner

Our mouths are watering just thinking about how good this is… uh, we mean, how good a GIFT this is. Get involved with his BBQing just as the season kicks off by gifting him with a fancy slab of Texas BBQ, like this tasty brisket. You provide the meat, he cooks it, and maybe you chip in with some yummy sides like coleslaw and potato salad too. Just a thought! $60

Vintage Book iDock

If your dad loves a good iAccessory, this is the one to get him this year. This super unique dock will charge an iPad, iPod or iPhone, but when it’s not in action it will just look like a pile of books. Starting at $68

Mini Tiki Torches

If your dad loves to entertain in the backyard (anyone from the family to the whole neighborhood), these mini garden torches from Uncommon Goods will add a spark (literally…) to his domain. $95

Ballpark Blueprints

Hit a homerun with the gift of blueprints from your dad’s favorite baseball stadium. The prints are nostalgic and a beautiful way to capture his love of America’s pastime. $185 

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