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15 Reasons Why County Music is the Best


You’re home for the summer, so you hop in the car to head out and hang with your high school besties. Naturally, you turn on the radio and pump the jams. What kind of music is radiating through your stereo system? Country, obviously! Summertime is country-music time, no matter which part of the nation you live in. Here are the reasons why a little backwoods beat is better than anything else during the summer months.

1. Every song feels like summer.

2. It inspires you to live in the moment.

3. County music keeps it real…

4. ...and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

5. Country music makes you feel nostalgic for the past…

6. ..and it makes you realize how awesome your life is and has been.

7. And even when heartache makes us do questionable things... 

8. ...country singers remind us that it’s all about girl power.

9. Country artists are like one big family (that we want to be a part of).

10. Country lyrics are super inspiring.

11. Luke Bryan.

12. There’s always great relationship advice in country music.

13. Country music lets us know that there are real men out there somewhere. 

14. It also reminds us that a little self-confidence never hurt anyone.

15. Country music encourages the simple life. 

We love us some country music! 

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