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7 Avocado Toast Combinations That Will Put a New Spin on Your Favorite Breakfast


Smashed, sliced or spread, avocado toast has quickly become the breakfast of a generation. The number of avocados supplied to the US has tripled since the 90s! Here are seven combinations that will put a spin on your favorite breakfast!

1. Feta cheese, eggs & tomatoes

Who doesn’t love cheese, eggs and tomatoes? This is like two legendary breakfasts in one! With a hint of chili and a dash of lemon, this is the perfect brunch. Check out this recipe for inspiration!

Tip: If you want to be extra daring, add some guacamole.

2. Honey & yogurt 

This combination of honey, greek yogurt and avocado will certainly sweeten your morning!

3. Tuna melt 

Make a simple tuna melt by combining tuna, mayonnaise, onion and celery over some cheesy bread and then add some avocado and your favorite fruits and veggies over the top. Simply delicious!

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4. Chicken & jalapeno 

You can have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner — any time of the day! The recipe is fairly simple with a mix of cooked chicken and diced jalapeno.

5. Fried egg 

Add a fried egg and guacamole to your avocado toast! The recipe is perfect if you're ready to try something adventurous.

6. Basil & tomatoes 

Racha Shah at Dartmouth University loves putting basil and tomatoes on her avocado toast. It's is one of her "favorite traditional flavors."

7. Tortilla chips

By far, the weirdest and wackiest option is adding tortilla chips. Add some salsa for an extra kick! This recipe takes a meager five minutes.

When trying these, don’t forget to snap the perfect pic for the ‘gram.

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